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Meanwhile troops in Kosovo had to use their own mobile phones to communicate with each other because their old Clansman radios would not work.
Dixon's version of miscegenation, presented in The Leopard's Spots and The Clansman, begins as the standard inflammatory racist fare: young white virgins are raped by "black beasts.
He is chiefly remembered for his novel The Clansman (1905), which presented a sympathetic picture of the Ku Klux Klan.
An unreconstructed Southerner, born in North Carolina, Dixon in The Clansman (1905) wrote a novel that became the first million-dollar movie, The Birth of a Nation (1914), and led to the revival of the <IR> KU KLUX KLAN </IR> .
The sensational novel The Clansman (1905) by Thomas Dixon, Jr.
It will replace the 1960s Clansman radio system, and is expected to provide the infrastructure to support military command and control applications until at least 2026.
At Chapelhall, The Clansman were the visitors to The Swan in what looked the hardest game to call on the night and so it proved.
CHEERS The gang in The Clansman will get you at least one drink
I always wanted a bike, but never got one till my big brother left to do his National Service and bequeathed me his Dawes Clansman.
Christmas comes to Craiglang and pensioners Jack and Victor should be full of festive spirit or at the very least a drop or two of whiskey from the Clansman.
Dixon's stage version of The Clansman, however, unlike the novel from which it was (partly) taken, has been regularly mentioned in the critical literature, but seldom read (see DaPonte, Martin, Williams for previous efforts that inform this study).
About 170 of 282 tickets have been sold for the Saltburn Clansman, even though it does not set off until June 30, 2006.
The turn toward the occult in Dixon's The Clansman follows a common nineteenth- and early-twentiethcentury pattern that, on the one hand, calls on mysticism and science to confirm the "facts" of irreducible racial difference-what Sander L.
Troops on peace-keeping duties in Kosovo are so fed up with the reliability of the existing Clansman system that they use their own personal mobiles to keep in touch.
At the tactical level, communications using the ageing Clansman system were insecure and the Serbs, KLA and the media regularly monitored local communications.