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tendency to associate with only a select group

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This measure also prevents a parliament post from being used to pursue clannishness and promote parochial and corporate interests.
Thus, when Treslove intervenes in a conversation Samuel and Libor are having on Israel, "[t] hough he detested his fellow Jews for their clannishness about Israel, Finkler couldn't hide his disdain for Treslove for so much as daring, as an outsider, to have a view" (26).
I'm a huge Red Sox fan, but there's a sort of clannishness and a piousness to Boston that I don't really cotton to.
In order to retain the cultural values of the ethnic groups and to enable them to make a continuous contribution to American culture, Berkson suggests the maintenance of racial purity by avoiding intermarriage, not out of clannishness or racial considerations, but for the mere sake of preserving the cultural heritage of each group.
It is this displacement, Ross observes, "which allows him to see what the other black expatriates, in their clannishness, do not" (47).
The clannishness, secrecy and tenacity of Syria's power elite around Assad have deepened Sunni Muslim suspicions about the enigmatic Alawite faith.
The article accused Jews of bad faith in their participation in movements for social justice and civil rights because of their clannishness and ethnocentrism.
18) He owed the formative years of his working life to denominational clannishness.
Sunnis often point to the wealth of many Shiites and accuse them of clannishness in business.
To many Protestants, moreover, Catholics were inherently unsuited to democracy, because of their obedience to the Church and their communal clannishness.
He accuses their clannishness of frustrating unity.
This contrasted dramatically with what is typically the case among the many other Englishmen who also have houses in and around the village and whose clannishness irritated Anthony no end.
means backwardness and resistance to modernization; amoral clannishness and nepotism; Mafia and systemic unlawfulness; and the risk of hanging out in bad company [.
Endogamy, intense family orientation, clannishness, law-stretching or -breaking--often laid at the feet of Judaism or Jewishness--really derive from structural determinants.
To support the government's position, Governor Harry Ord read a paper written by a respectable 'Chinese gentleman' he consulted, where the details of Chinese racial character, such as natural corruptibility, criminality and clannishness, were given in opposition to the enlistment of Chinese policemen.