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Synonyms for clank

a loud resonant repeating noise

make a clank

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In Sir Walter Scott's 1821 introduction to The Castle of Otranto he acknowledges the clanky supernatural machinery and the occasional anachronisms while defending the sensational effects as legitimately reflective of the setting and culture during the superstitious age of chivalry and feudalism.
The trees are part of a massive landscaping investment the state agency makes to muffle clanky roadway noise and add easy-breathing aesthetics to its 45,000 miles of highway and freeway lanes.
For almost two hours, we sat on clanky metal chairs discussing rising gas and food prices, home foreclosures, declining wages, increasing personal debt, and our fears for the future.
Whatever the concerts offer they'll be clanky and clunky, jangling and full of detailed decorative filigrees, as Rose's bottleneck slides across the strings rattling into infinity.
a) Pass the ammunition; (b) Chocolate (before segregation in the army this was written to encourage enlistment of blacks); (c) wing and a prayer; (d) Zero (Johnny was a lousy scholar but great flyer); (e) this Hoagy Carmichael number claimed the longest title ever: "I'm a cranky old Yank in a clanky old tank in the streets of Yokohama with my Honolulu mama singin' the neat-o, neat-o, knock me off my feet-o Hirohito Blues"; (f) the "Big Show" (the song was featured in the movie Captains of the Clouds starring Billy Bishop, with James Cagney and Dennis Morgan as supporting actors).
The popular will has been thwarted at least three times (1876, 1888 and 2000) by the clanky, undemocratic machinery of the Electoral College.
Produced by Rich Harrison, the song revels in mixing sassy club dance with his signature clanky, tinny, clunky go-go drums.
What a clanky metaphor--not like Fay's, which were unobtrusive and clever.
As she dances, hundreds of tiny tin cone "jingles" sewn on the dress rise and fall, chiming in clanky unison with the beating of the drum.
Some months ago, you'll recall, the atmosphere was heavy with the clanky language of postmodern politics, "values" were being reduced to a tick list of far-right political correctness, and the language of Christianity, hijacked for use in the public square, was being invoked in the name of all manner of partisan and national ambitions.
There have been a handful of technical errors, such as starting audio on videotaped stories while anchors were still reading on camera, which sounded like a box of clanky auto parts falling over backstage.
Thus an advanced model Terminator is sent back to kill Connor and thereby facilitate Judgement Day while Arnie's clanky old outdated rust bucket has to keep him safe.
25) Is it possible to excite with nothing but a clanky bassoon?