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Synonyms for clank

a loud resonant repeating noise

make a clank

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Produced by Rich Harrison, the song revels in mixing sassy club dance with his signature clanky, tinny, clunky go-go drums.
As she dances, hundreds of tiny tin cone "jingles" sewn on the dress rise and fall, chiming in clanky unison with the beating of the drum.
Some months ago, you'll recall, the atmosphere was heavy with the clanky language of postmodern politics, "values" were being reduced to a tick list of far-right political correctness, and the language of Christianity, hijacked for use in the public square, was being invoked in the name of all manner of partisan and national ambitions.
There have been a handful of technical errors, such as starting audio on videotaped stories while anchors were still reading on camera, which sounded like a box of clanky auto parts falling over backstage.
Thus an advanced model Terminator is sent back to kill Connor and thereby facilitate Judgement Day while Arnie's clanky old outdated rust bucket has to keep him safe.
25) Is it possible to excite with nothing but a clanky bassoon?
There is very little to do, except, of course, dream and stay on the clanky old roller coaster, waiting for the chain to catch and for your car and brand to be jerked forward.
The gearbox is clanky, the steering wheel is shaky, and the car doesn't have electric windows or power-steering.
If all the whiskey endorsements aren't enough to whet your whistle, the intoxicated blend of Charlie O'Neal's bluesy guitar riffs, Rick O'Neal's frenetic bass lines, Armstrong's clanky, trashcan percussion and guest-artist John Cooke's swirling organ chords certainly will be.
My dad, in a desperate rush to board the Intercity at Newcastle Central station, slammed the door - one of those clanky iron beasts that you had to learn through the window to open - and caught my dangling, unfortunate limb.
The bass guitar is brought to the front on this one with a clanky riff propelling it forward.
The plot's a bit crackers, something about eco-terrorists manufacturing a series of natural disasters, and the prose can sometimes be a tad clanky.
To stock the store, Levy set up glass cases to hold sculpted figurines and clanky robots.
Having been used to driving a clanky old Peugeot 309, it's fair to say I was a performance car virgin.