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Synonyms for clank

a loud resonant repeating noise

make a clank

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Very cautiously they were moving now--the accidental clank that had alarmed me was not repeated.
Now, the clustered roofs, and piles of buildings, trembling with the working of engines, and dimly resounding with their shrieks and throbbings; the tall chimneys vomiting forth a black vapour, which hung in a dense ill-favoured cloud above the housetops and filled the air with gloom; the clank of hammers beating upon iron, the roar of busy streets and noisy crowds, gradually augmenting until all the various sounds blended into one and none was distinguishable for itself, announced the termination of their journey.
Kids join in on the singing in various tracks that encompass a musical smorgasbord ranging from guitars, ukelele, trombone and piano to percussive clinks, clanks, and violin thunks.
British-born but of Polish extraction, Mania just went--and ended up in the Great Bialowieza Forest on the Poland-Belarus border, draping what looks like a saggy duvet cover over a rope spanning a pond: When the viewer's feet pass over a trigger in Chisenhale's darkened main gallery, a ten-minute film projection of what happened next clanks into life.
Some long-haired Phoenix Sun clanks a jump shot, a Lakers big man taps the rebound out to the top of the key, Lamar Odom hauls it in and starts a fast break, Kobe Bryant finishes it with a flying dunk, Kobe is knocked into the photographers' row and he gets up to sink the free throw.
The zoo-keeper is an eight-armed alien who clanks her buckets along the Milky Way.
Let us rise to the call of the freedom-loving blood that is in us and send our answer to the tyranny that clanks its chains upon the South,'' Wallace told the crowd.
But if Williams clanks open jumpers, the entire structure collapses.