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having a hard nonresonant metallic sound

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With that, he signed to the landlord to go on before; and went clanking out, and up the stairs; old John, in his agitation, ingeniously lighting everything but the way, and making a stumble at every second step.
Clanking up the action Ratchet& CLANK (PS4) HHHH H IT'S time to play the game, based on the movie, based on the game.
It proves, yet again, that the force is a clanking bureaucracy over-run by pen-pushers instructed to meet targets.
Creaking of leather, shaking, little clanking of metals.
Kapono hits the mark: Jason Kapono's 3-Point Shooting Contest started a lot like his NBA career: a couple clanking off the rim, one air balland then lights-out.
Mark was all over the shop, clanking trucks on both fakie rocks and hang ups, but he managed to pull off the craziest moves this side of Daewon.
Picture this: Four overweight teenage girls shopping on a Saturday afternoon in London, wearing jeans, jaunty Lenin caps, clanking jewelry and heavy eye makeup.
But maybe we don't need clanking metal slaves; the emerging field of biomimicry is more eco-friendly--and smarter--than an army of tin machines.
In bear country, it's always good to be loud to scare them off, so hooking on clanking pots or tools on the outside of the pack is a good way of making noise, as long as it does not get in the way of your movement.
Yet Gehr's descent into New York's rush-hour underworld of extravagantly graffitied trains and grim (silent) clanking is largely shot from the same point of view he employed in the market and on the street.
And, it keeps your arrows fanned so there's no clanking or fletching noise.
CLANKING UP THE ACTION: But there is little real difference between this and the first game
Over the din, I hear the clanking sound of a ball worn around the neck of the bull--the pack's leader.
Add to that his clanking lack of bottle in failing to turn up for a Commons debate on his track record and he has about as much chance of remaining in his job as a Virgin train has of arriving on time.
Because of the chronological restrictions, even Jean Tinguely is represented by clanking early stuff, a long way from the sparkling, funny, colourful waterworks at Pompidou.