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Synonyms for clangour

a loud resonant repeating noise

make a loud resonant noise


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The shouts of the multitude, together with the acclamations of the heralds, and the clangour of the trumpets, announced the triumph of the victors and the defeat of the vanquished.
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Besides, she says John Martin, the 18th Century Northumbrian painter, was inspired by the clangour and flames of the Industrial Revolution to imagine apocalyptic scenes - and we're all still here.
401), Gaskell's narrator is filled with admiration as 'a grey-robed figure came right across the flashing guns and stooped over some one, whose life-blood was ebbing away'; the nuns' prayers for the dying are 'unheard by men in that hellish din and clangour, but listened to by One above' (p.
Its opening in mysterious chaos finds its complement in the clangour with which the finale bursts in, shattering the adagio's oasis of peace; these are amazingly advanced manipulations of timbre, texture and dynamics, anticipating much of what happens today.
There are plenty of half-naked girls at the festival, listening to the latest clash and clangour from their favourite bands.
That we see Alex losing himself in the same sonata as soon as he gets home might be seen as an attempt to similarly assuage the after-effects of the same alienating clangour that pervades the school.