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A surly vocal delivers words of barely disguised contempt and scorn buffeted between a whirlwind of clangorous guitar and a knockout groove.
He is lately prone to muddy articulation and clangorous fortissimos.
among others), with his own clangorous and unmistakable voice.
Indeed, in the next couplet, the "Doctor she" becomes a witch whose "sole delight" is "[t]o order draughts as black as night"--an unnatural act, as the clangorous iteration of the dental /d/ sounds hints, through which the Medusan physician's "very glance might cast a spell" as she produces her "chill and acrid potions.
The combination of close-up miking, again done live, and Maazel's overzealous attack makes the work seem merely loud and clangorous.
Before the birth of their only son, the couple gravitated to Buenos Aires's barrio Once, a sprawling, clangorous hub of Jewish life then in its heyday.
Merle wears a dress that looks as if it has been purchased from a West African market, earrings carved in the form of saints from England, heavy silver bracelets that give "a clangorous, unsettling note to her every move"; in fact, Merle "moved always within the ambience of that sound.
The violent little spasms, hiccups, retching nearly, moves the feel from the grotto or bosky glen to the clangorous, windswept gorge.
After the string showcase came one for winds and percussion, Messiaen's Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum, visionary and clangorous (tremendous work from Clifford Pick on a battery of gongs), and persuasively interpreted by Nelsons (the orchestra's second Messiaen outing within a couple of months) with an ear for detail amongst the vast soundscapes.
I do not think this possible in clangorous suburban ugliness.
She starts by fending off clangorous guitars with Morrisette-style hysteria on That Day, an odd choice for a single until you hear the competition.
Though several numbers fell flat - Domingo and Swenson in ``Make Believe'' from ``Showboat,'' Malfitano's overmiked survey of Kurt Weill songs, Ramey's flaccid ``Impossible Dream'' - only one was an outright disaster: Evelyn Glennie's clangorous and interminable percussion interlude.
He concludes his essay with a particularly clangorous statement about how Vesey and his fellow conspirators "collectively fashioned a new discourse into a compelling ideology of rebellion" (p.
Decks is loud, clangorous techno with all the subtlety of driving steel rivets into an I-beam.
Very much a man of his time, and all the more so the older he got, Janacek was an admirer of Alban Berg and his Wozzeck, and was quite won over by the clangorous experimental piano music of Henry Cowell, who passed through Janacek's home town of Brno in 1926.