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having a loud resonant metallic sound


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Whether it's the kitchen pots clanging in all-new MasterChef, assault rifles firing in hit cop show Line of Duty or fists flying in the Woolpack in Emmerdale, it's an action-packed TV week.
Listen, death can't not be musical: pick axes clanging, kapos beating, one last breath guttering the throat of the no longer living.
inktank Science Garden has lots of exciting and inventive exhibits, including an eight metre-high clanging Terminus machine and a humansized hamster wheel that has a top speed of 30 revolutions per minute.
They're already clanging and dinging around Manchester and Sheffield, Birmingham, Nottingham and Tyneside, Blackpool and the London Docklands and people love 'em.
On the Monday morning there was clanging and banging and the smell of Tarmac.
That clanging noise you heard coming from the rear of your tank might have been the engine exhaust grilles falling off.
Everyone I asked this morning about the clanging and the banging of the early hours shrugged their shoulders, claiming they heard nothing.
The news Ally McCoist is travelling over to America to meet Miller rather than him coming here has alarm bells clanging as well.
It's been a real rollercoaster from clanging a kerb on the Great Orme, to setting an incredible time on the Monument stage.
Liner notes: "She said, 'I'm just a severed head/No arms, no legs, no mans to bed,'" Rosa Slade and Katy Beth Young murmur in eerie harmony as clanging guitar and Olly Joyce's clattering drums amp up the tension on the thrilling climax of their second album.
The second damper will greatly reduce the clanging problem.
The blanket darkened the lower bunk some, but it was no match for the clanging of the doors.
ATLANTA -- The clanging tuning fork test is far more accurate and sensitive than is the 10-g monofilament in screening diabetes patients for peripheral neuropathy, results from two studies suggest.
If the course gets the authorisation for the idea, it will be the only chance those who are Santa Anita-bound will get to experience its clanging before the big day.
Dipping their nose in a North Sea swell, keeping clear of a clanging bell.