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There was talk of Clangers that were leaking, while a boastful Steven announced: "I've got a huge Clanger
If you thought television had gone down the pan, that it's all re-runs or there's nothing to watch now The Game is off air, tune in to CBeebies: The Clangers are back
Byline: The Clangers are back along with the Soup Dragon and the Iron Chicken.
The Clangers were lovable pink aliens, who talked in whistles, drank soup and had friends such as the Iron Chicken, Sky Moos and Froglets (below).
Hunt acknowledged later on Twitter that his clanger was reminiscent of a scene from the BBC's popular satire Twenty Twelve.
When one of Kate's pastries fell, she prompted laughs at home saying: "I've dropped a clanger.
SUNDAY, CBEEBIES, 6PM Clangers The Soup Dragon, left, wants to build a wall to stop Mother Clanger from coming into the Soup Wells in Trump-esqe opener of the second series.
Clanger world has been home for the 29-year-old former Carmel College student since April last year when he was made art director on an ambitious project to bring the cult show back to the small screen.
IT'S the laundry clanger dubbed "Sockgate" by laughing West Brom fans - but yesterday the team's former kitman leapt to the defence of his beloved Baggies.
Brian Docherty: Welcome back Major Clanger, Small Clanger, Mother Clanger, Granny Clanger and Tiny Clanger.
ROBERT GREEN accepted total responsibility for the clanger of his goal-keeping life.
I know he dropped a clanger against Manchester United that led to a goal, but all keepers, even the greatest of them, drop clangers and make total mess-ups now and again.
Shepherd, hardly the most popular Premiership chairman among his own fans, was well aware that he had dropped a clanger in appointing Souness after the sacking of football's Queen Mother, Sir Bobby Robson.
That wouldn't have cut much ice with his manager David Hodgson, who was far from happy with his skipper's blunders ( just a week after keeper Bert Bossu dropped a clanger at Mansfield.
Their former deputy chairman put his Hush Puppy firmly in his mouth yesterday with a classic Conservative clanger.