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Synonyms for clang

Synonyms for clang

a loud resonant repeating noise

make a loud noise


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The three men were then cut down, all hands were turned to, and, sullenly worked by the moody seamen, the iron pumps clanged as before.
When danger approached its master's tent it always struck the shield and clanged out a fierce alarm upon the startled ear of night.
She could not say that she found the vision of herself walking in a crocodile with her hair down her back peculiarly unjust and horrible, nor could she explain why Hirst's assumption of the superiority of his nature and experience had seemed to her not only galling but terrible--as if a gate had clanged in her face.
The bell clanged and the car pulled out, leaving Martin wondering as to the nature of the crinkly, greasy wad he clutched in his hand.
With lips compressed and clouded brow, he strode up and down the oaken floor, the very genius and impersonation of asceticism, while the great bell still thundered and clanged above his head.
I shall soon find you down at Dolly's," she called, as the gate at last clanged between them.
In five minutes the eleven and half a dozen of the Wellesburn and Marylebone men got partners somehow or another, and a merry country-dance was going on, to which every one flocked, and new couples joined in every minute, till there were a hundred of them going down the middle and up again; and the long line of school buildings looked gravely down on them, every window glowing with the last rays of the western sun; and the rooks clanged about in the tops of the old elms, greatly excited, and resolved on having their country- dance too; and the great flag flapped lazily in the gentle western breeze.
The conductor clanged the gong, and the two couples separated in a sudden hubbub of farewell.
The piano at the foot of the staircase clanged through a mazurka with brazen impetuosity, as though a vulgar and impudent ghost were showing off.
Yzerman's deflection attempt midway through the period clanged off the right post and skidded along the goal line before Richter managed to cover up.
Evert, playing the last of her 31 major finals, didn't like the case presented her as the convertible roof clanged together, and an outdoor final abruptly became indoor.
He made the first of his three free-throw attempts, missed the second and deliberately clanged his third shot off the rim.