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Synonyms for clang

Synonyms for clang

a loud resonant repeating noise

make a loud noise


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Speaking the language has an added benefit of helping a linguist think in their CLANG.
The operator and his colleagues were working to a deadline and possibly a generous bonus if they finished before the end of Ramadan festival, ergo, grind, grind, grind, whine, whine, whine, thunk, thunk, thunk, clang, clang, clang without so much as a notice saying something on the lines of 'Ibn Sawt Kabeer Demolition, we apologise for the inconvenience (har-har
They went clang in his early days as England's manager and he didn't survive by much.
Young people were absolutely magnetized by the tooting of the whistles and the clang, clang, clanging of the brass bell.
The reward for pulling the rope is not only the bell's loud, sonorous clang but a flash of light and the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the wall nearby.
He has of late written sonnets about his mother's death (1998; Klangernas bok)--reminding us that the word sonnet means "a small sound, a clang"--and these clangs in content swell to encompass our whole reality, physical as well as psychical and metaphysical.
For instance, they responded to voices and awoke to the clang of loud sounds.
Staff added that they want the residents "to see the dirty dishes; to hear the clang of pots and pans; to see vegetables being cut, so that they can remember 'real life.
A nautical clang tells you there's someone at the front door in this Phoenix house.
BBC Four controller Richard Klein described the show as "a tense, passionate and sexy love story set against the increasingly strident clang of coming war".
SONG OF THE TYNE The clang of the hammer is silenced by time And softens the strains of the song of the Tyne; The shipwrights, the welders and caulkers are gone And progress calls time as their spectres march on.
Since water doesn't compress, it violently slams into the obstruction--causing a thud or a shudder with loose pipes that clang.
clang the pages of their good books, fingering for a tooth of
To perform the test, a C128 tuning fork is struck to make the ends clang together, and then patients are shown the difference between the vibration sensation and pressure on the patients' toe, malleolus, knee, or sternum, Dr.
the ones who worship Bjork or Whitney Houston or Annie Lennox or Christina Aguilera or a dozen other dance music divas like Kylie or Deborah Cox, the ones for whom the end of the sentence that begins with "Clang, clang, clang" is nothing, a blank stare.