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The hotline functions as a tool for protecting the health of women who do not give up on their decision to abort in the face of criminal penalties, clandestinity, and stigma.
They persuasively argued that revolutionary struggle must involve political plasticity, distinguishing tactic from strategy, understanding the enemy's moves, deploying clandestinity when necessary, and unremittingly re-examining one's premises.
CUC, which had emerged from clandestinity only weeks before the massacre, joined unionists and students in massive protests in Guatemala City, raising their voices and banners alongside those of tens of thousands of other Guatemalans demanding an end to state violence.
Its explosive coherence is being forged constantly in the everyday clandestinity of acts and dreams.
And it is face - textual and interpersonal - that drags me out of the amnion and clandestinity of "me," and pushes me into public view.
Now in a sign of growing confidence Islamic leaders are emerging publicly from clandestinity.
This discovery enabled some colleagues and I to design a new method of gathering quantitative data on abortion in the context of clandestinity, which we called the confidants' method.
The name by which he chose to be known in clandestinity was David.
Care is focused on families of the detained, disappeared and executed; people who were tortured, threatened, detained, forced into clandestinity, exiled (and later politically exonerated); and their immediate families (ibid.
If the ideal of the family is that of a community in which secrecy and alterity are reduced to a minimum (one in which every interlocutor is "familiar"), then in so far as the insurrectionary has not relinquished his family ties, his clandestinity becomes problematic.
intel source acknowledged that the instant availability of such data and photos on the Internet is not helpful "if your object is clandestinity.
Most of them had been living a long period of their migratory experience in conditions of irregularity or clandestinity (Pugliese, 2002).