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You did, or I should not have been here, clandestinely, to-night.
said Maggie, whose imagination had settled for the moment on the idea that Tom kept a ferret clandestinely.
The information, considered confidential but not classified, was assembled for transmission later this year to the International Atomic Energy Agency as part of a process by which the United States is opening itself up to stricter inspections in hopes that foreign countries, especially Iran and others believed to be clandestinely developing nuclear arms, will do likewise.
The room was hot and crowded with adults clandestinely celebrating the high holidays of 1939.
The verdict creates a new type of ``inherently dangerous'' felony, which means prosecutors in the future would not have to prove a defendant intended to harm someone by clandestinely cooking methamphetamine.
A 35-year-old man in Valencia, Spain, was misdiagnosed with Guillain-Barr syndrome, a nervous system disorder, for more than a year while his wife was clandestinely poisoning his dinners, doctors at a hospital in Valencia reported in the British medical journal the Lancet.
Despite the government's efforts to snuff out their message, cassette tapes of the two sheiks' sermons circulate clandestinely in pockets throughout the country.
Produced clandestinely using a hidden camera by a British film crew at great personal risk, "The Dying Rooms" shows us pictures of baby girls - most of them abandoned by their parents as a byproduct of China's repressive one-child policy - forced to live in the most horrendous, overcrowded conditions imaginable.
Yet they continue meeting clandestinely at the inn on the same weekend every year, and as they snuggle, they find they can unburden their hearts in ways they can't with their spouses.
The paper detailed conversations between Caroline and an undercover reporter, and printed a clandestinely taken picture of her in a revealing pose.
Washington, Mar 13 (ANI): Hollywood actor Rob Pattinson has denied that he is clandestinely dating Joe Jonas' alleged girlfriend Camilla Belle.
Advocates for any cause have the right to say their piece in public, not to manipulate the system clandestinely for their personal benefit.
If I wanted to get out of the country, I could cross the borders clandestinely,'' he said.
Opposition leaders clandestinely published a pamphlet in Bor explaining the protests and distributed it to the miners.
The Beijing court accused her of clandestinely obtaining digital footage of jailed Falun Gong adherents and classified information about others being held in psychiatric wards.