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The truth is, that the ceremony had been clandestinely performed some years back; although the news of Mr.
Toward midnight a coffin was clandestinely borne to the parish church by four young men, comrades whom Athanase had liked the best.
London, Apr 28( ANI ): Neo-Nazi paramilitaries are clandestinely training football hooligans to inflict mayhem during Ukraine's Euro 2012 match against England.
Doha, Qatar -- Catholics in this Muslim state no longer have to practise their religion clandestinely but actually are being provided with the land to build a church on.
Those works, like home movies clandestinely shot by Japanese-Americans in World War II detention camps, are either not copyrighted or don't hold enough public interest for privately sponsored preservation.
It then proceeds to clandestinely launch the EXE file carrying the Trojan program.
The ambassador also said Pakistan's missile technology was developed domestically, alluding to reports that Pakistan clandestinely obtained missile technology from North Korea.
And now it emerges that sheep have been moved clandestinely for double-counting to cheat the subsidy system of some pounds 100 million, even when such movement was banned.
There's a real possibility a scam has been going on with sealed coffins taken away by undertakers without a body inside, while the corpse has been clandestinely removed via another door.
Now known by the name Bonjour Tristesse scrawled clandestinely on its facade, the Schlesisches Tor - with its outer wall of identically sized windows - is animated only by the abstract evocation of a horizontal line, broken by a small dip as the building encounters the sky - ruefully reminds us that architecture is not, after all, always a joyful reflection of contemporary living.
as Ken Alibek), a former deputy director of the Soviet/Russian biological warfare development program, told the House Armed Services Committee on May 23, 2000, that the Soviets were clandestinely producing 100 tons of Anthrax per year and also smallpox, and they had 65,000 Soviet scientists including microbiologists, pathologists and experts in aerosol physics working on this Anthrax project.
The Electricity Power Industry Reform Act (Epira), a supposedly antimonopoly law, was clandestinely manipulated and amended by powerful power interests to allow such monopolistic cross-ownership.
PPP leader regretted that the government was trying to clandestinely justifying the drone attacks as most effective weapon against hard-core terrorists with negligible loss to civilians.
India TV aired the clandestinely shot video on May 14 and then sent the CDs to the BCCI the next day, when asked by the latter.
London, February 1( ANI ): Gay rugby star Gareth Thomas has said that several sportsmen had clandestinely revealed that that they are gay and it might take years for them to come out in public since their profession is still dogged by homophobia.