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I'll reserve judgement," said one clan member I spoke to, "until I've seen her do an eightsome reel.
A thug who attacked a Lyons crime clan member in a cinema has been warned to do his community service or be jailed.
Players can chat with other clan member to strategize their battle plans
The Daniel crime clan member and two idiot pals thought it would be funny to cause criminal damage to a police car by climbing on to its roof and posing for a photo.
In a statement, Charbel's office denied media reports that he also met with the Meqdads at the home of a clan member, saying that the minister went directly from the headquarters of the Interior Ministry to the protest scene.
A POLE dancer and Daniel crime clan member has dodged jail for drug-dealing.
Maher al-Meqdad told The Daily Star he knew nothing about the whereabouts of Turkish national Aydin Tekin and the four Syrians who were kidnapped by the clan last month in response to the abduction of a clan member by anti-regime rebels in Syria.
A HITMAN who gunned down crime clan member Michael Lyons was rushed to hospital under tight security after a jail attack by another killer yesterday.
Last week, we told how McAllister posted copies of a document to neighbours of crime clan member David Lyons in which police brand him a drug dealer.
She is a Wolf Clan member of the Iroquois Confederacy - Oneida Nation.
Dougan's house is near that of crime clan member David Lyons, who police have linked with organised crime such as trafficking class A drugs.
People were snatched from their cars at gunpoint and pulled off the Airport Road in response to reports that some Lebanese being held in Syria had been killed in airstrikes and over the detention of clan member Hassan Meqdad in Syria by rebel forces.
Lives Williams survived an assassination bid in 1999 when he was shot in the abdomen by crime clan member Jason Moran.
Nailen, of Bellshill, Lanarkshire, was jailed in July 2004 after admitting giving false evidence at the trial of crime clan member Gary Smith, 26.
Strathclyde, who is the Tory leader in the House of Lords, is regarded as a leading contender, but former Scottish education minister Sam Galbraith is also a clan member.