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Synonyms for clamshell

the shell of a clam

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a dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam


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Analysis shows less greenhouse gas emitted and less energy consumed over the lifecycle of Ingeo([TM]) produce and foodservice clamshells versus equivalent rPET packaging
This system is designed for presenting and applying labels to clamshell packaging of bakery goods, produce, meats, cheeses and other products in shrink-wrapped trays that need branding labels on the top and nutrition/bar code/ingredient labels on the bottom.
Kwik Loader, Line, and Blade products rely on a strong and transparent PVC clamshell package to hang on retailers' shelves.
The clamshell has a secure 360[degrees] seal with Placon's patented retaining snap feature on the inside of the lid, holding the graphic card securely in place.
Stock clamshells offer security, display, snap closure, as well as an economical custom look.
This approach makes it faster and more cost effective for customers to deploy a robotic solution for case packing clamshells.
Clamshells are now hanging around the grocery store with Inline Plastics Corp.
2] equivalents per 1,000 clamshells over its complete life cycle.
has developed a packaging solution to ease consumers' fury and avoid the injuries often associated with hard-to-open plastic clamshells.
Natralock paperboard-based security paperboard packaging is made from a renewable resource, and is recyclable, and uses 50 to 60 per cent less plastic on average than traditional PVC clamshells.
Most curbside recycling collection programs collect only plastic bottles, so the tubs, trays and clamshells often are not recycled.
These four, including Nokia's first mass market clamshells and the world's smallest 3G handset, are the highlights.
The two clamshells are self-centering when drawn together for a positive seal.