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Synonyms for clamshell

the shell of a clam

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a dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam


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Kwik Loader, Line, and Blade products rely on a strong and transparent PVC clamshell package to hang on retailers' shelves.
The feature also makes it difficult for counterfeiters not only to repackage the clamshell but to repurpose the graphic card as well.
com)-- Local Minnesota packaging manufacturer introduced stock thermoformed clamshell program March 3rd, 2014 with an introductory special.
Both the Clamshell EF10MI2 and the 10-inch, ECS TR10CD1 Education Android tablet will not be sold by Intel directly, but the company will be ties up with some partners to deliver both to classrooms.
Weber Packaging Solutions has developed its new Alpha Compact top and bottom labeling system, which is suitable for top and/or bottom labeling on clamshells, trays and chipboard cartons.
All Roll of Honor donations support The Rauscher Farm Fund within the CGCT which funds education programs, activities, and maintenance on Rauscher Farm - including the building of the proposed Path to Clamshell Pond.
For lines that package multiple clamshell sizes and/or designs, the SoftPIC[TM] grippers can be changed in less than two minutes.
com), South Hackensack, N J, announced its collaboration with the University of Utah for studies and test trials conducted on its 12 mm clamshell segmented twin-screw extruder.
The clamshell barrel can be opened to allow visual assessment of processing steps, ease of screw mounting and quick cleaning.
Now featuring clamshell technology that allows the weigh buckets to open wider, the 2.
a leading mobile phone and telecommunication equipment provider, today announced the launch of Samsung G400, its latest dual screen clamshell.
Samsung announced the launch of Samsung G400, its latest dual screen clamshell, in the UAE.
Natralock security packaging is an alternative to clamshell packaging that is designed to satisfy environmental sustainability objectives, deter theft, and increase product and brand security.
The type of clamshell studied in the comparison was that typically used for fresh produce and food service packaging--for example, lettuce, tomatoes, sandwiches, or dell salads.