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At the Oceanside location, the sixth quadrat was placed on a patch with three clams already visible, yielding a density count of 12 clams/[m.
Add the clam flesh to the tomato sauce and stir well.
A popular food item in many countries, the clam has been designated as "vulnerable" in the wild.
The villages are where most of the families that are supported by the black clams live.
At one point in 1973, more than 200,000 razor clams were commercially harvested near the monument.
The result, could be that Italy could even start importing significant quantities of clams in the future: "Aside from the striped Venus clams, most production comes from farms now, and there isn't a great possibility for it to increase much," Tonino Giardini, a Federpesca official said.
Huge clams and potato slices towered like glaciers in a creamy sea.
Combine chicken stock, clam stock and porcini mushrooms, then strain the porcini liquid into the sauce and reduce by half.
Press clams and monkfish into top of rice and cook until cooking liquid is almost level with rice but rice is still rather soupy, another 2 to 3 minutes.
Although the disease poses no threat to humans, it killed nine out of 10 clams in some plots and all but shut down clam farming in Provincetown.
r Millions of Asian clams have been rapidly multiplying in a hot-water stretch of the river after scientists discovered a small patch last September.
A leukemia-like disease in soft-shell clams is a contagious cancer that spreads from clam to clam, a new study finds.