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Results from the three-year study showed that a combination of increased commercial demand, coupled with advances in fishing techniques, as well as climate change, pollution, habitat loss and coastal development have all impacted giant clams.
He first inspects the baby clams, also called juveniles, that are having their first taste of the sea after spending months in a hatchery.
Department of Agriculture  says the clams can clog pipes and marine channels.
2015), survival/growth of greater than or equal to 1-y class wild clams and cultured juveniles of My a arenaria (Beal et al.
If you don't have a container to keep your clams floating in the natural seawater, then use a cooler with ice.
The clam density there can average 1,500 to 2,000 small clams per square meter in the top 10 centimeters or so of mud.
Grown in 11 counties on both coasts of the state, clams are actually the most important aquaculture food item in Florida.
Timely intervention of the community and their support groups led to the preservation of giant clams in this part of IGACOS," said Xavier Lopez of the Davao del Norte State College (DNSC) the head of the Marine Reserve Park in Adecor.
The powerful machine has been modified to allow it extract hundreds of thousands of clams over a 15 square metre stretch of the Shannon.
He brought along a few Grand River clams for the experts to evaluate.
mactroides clams at the Marine Aquaculture Station of the Federal University of Rio Grande-FURG, Southern Brazil.
CLAMS were thrown back into the sea amid concerns about commercial harvesting on a beach yesterday.
Many come in for a cold draft beer and freshly shucked clams and oysters on ice.
GIANT clams destined for the dinner table have been reprieved and rehoused at a Tyneside aquarium.
The southern giant clams, which can grow up to 60cms in length, were part of a large consignment which was intercepted and confiscated after they were illegally imported into the country.