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Synonyms for clamp

Synonyms for clamp

a device (generally used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together

fasten or fix with a clamp

Related Words

impose or inflict forcefully

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Proper clamps on the fixture signalisation--to prevent clamping of oval shaped part with clamps not used for oval shaped parts
New 140-ton clamp force, electric unit for wide-mouth PET containers has up to 14 cavities and runs a dry cycle time of 3 sec.
The green clamps prevent the bolts from bottoming out.
Bradford squeeze clamps feature a patented spring-loaded design, allowing for effortless one-handed assembly.
While it delivers up to 25 percent more clamping force than comparably sized swing clamps, the 8700 series lever clamp does not lock like a toggle clamp.
Before you reconnect the battery clamps, put a light coat of silicone compound on the tops and sides of each of the battery posts.
The clamps are arranged into two families according to the modes of deformation.
DE-STA-CO and Robohand clamps and robotic grippers are found in assembly lines all over the world," said Bob Noftle, general manager of 3D content solutions at SolidWorks Corporation.
Manufactured from high grade materials and formed to exacting specifications, these 28mm plastic transfer clamps improve the performance of Krone's bottling machinery by reducing the need for frequent equipment adjustments to compensate for failed Krone's clamps.
Some of the recoil clamps were manufactured incorrectly.
The choice of various manual clamp actions is extensive and includes: toggle-action and cam-action clamps, C-clamps, strap clamps, and T-slot clamps.
Spring loaded and infinitely adjustable clamps are designed to make sample loading easy, without the need to select spacers or shims according to the sample thickness.
Bohman and his team the clamps in plenty of time to work with them," said Dr.
Order replacements for missing clamps with NSN 5975-01-034-8882.