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Synonyms for clamp

Synonyms for clamp

a device (generally used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together

fasten or fix with a clamp

Related Words

impose or inflict forcefully

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The new measures will set a cap on fines of pounds 40 to pounds 50 - roughly in line with council clampers.
THE Birmingham council boss respon sible for trying to drive cowboy clampers out of the city today welcomed a new government ban as "long over due".
Was it the case that Gardai don't have the authority to order the clamper to remove the clamp?
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency have called in the clampers as a threat to spur dodgers to pay up for road tax.
A MYSTERY Midlands motorist is taking on the clampers after setting up his own company to dismantle the devices - after his wife fell victim.
FOUR car clampers have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud over their involvement with a city centre car clamping scheme that raked in more than pounds 100,000 from at least 300 motorists.
The move, brought by Portsmouth City Council and police, has been welcomed as a way to stop cowboy clampers.
When she said what had happened, the clamper and the owner of the pub refused to listen, then clamped a second wheel and demanded pounds 120.
The Foundation is encouraging people to contact them with their clamping nightmare stories, but there's also an award for ``the clamper with a heart``.
Now the RAC Foundation is encouraging people to contact it with clamping stories, and the case studies will be used to establish the identity of the worst clamper in the country.
bar] If the driver wishes to dispute the case then they are advised to write a letter to the clamper saying you paid "under protest".
She filled a bucket with porridge, vegetables and food dye, and when the clamper went to target another car she got him.
And in cases where motorists feel the clamper has acted unfairly or inappropriately they will have a way for redress through an appeals process.
The controversial clamper, who runs Birmingham company Midway Parks, isn't the least bit bothered about Government plans to clamp down on his trade because he has already made his fortune.
If the wheel clamper is SIA licensed you will have to pay the release fee but you should insist on a receipt then write to the clamping company asking for a refund as there were no warning signs.