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Synonyms for clampdown

sudden punitive action

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sudden restriction on an activity

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Hamas leaders have been careful not to criticize Egypt's border clampdown in public, for fear of being accused of meddling in Egypt's internal affairs.
However, he said he views the Gaza clampdown as part of an attempt by the Egyptian army to justify its continued campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Protests over rising living costs in April led to a brutal clampdown by security forces that left at least 10 people dead across the country.
Those you are helping with the clampdown are just two or three owners (who are already filthily rich).
The clampdown is highly regrettable in that the general public is pushed into the mouth of the TV sharks.
Then a casual attitude to speed limits or seatbelts re-asserts itself until the next clampdown - or tragedy brings home the reasons for the rules.
Three wagons were seized and 16 vehicles ordered off the road for immediate repairs following a major clampdown in Stockton.
The clampdown follows complaints from organisers of festivals and sporting events in other parts of the country that holiday crowds are being targeted by the hookers.
Out of hundreds of drivers stopped in Coventry in a summer booze clampdown, only two have been found to be over the limit.
The van - owned by Kirklees Council but used by the police as part of their joint Safer Communities initiative - is the latest weapon in a clampdown on yobbish behaviour in the town.
And now, in the Premiership, he has got to do this under extra scrutiny because Don has promised one of his annual clampdowns.
City Administrative Officer Bill Fujioka, in his first status report on the current fiscal year, recommended that the city continue the current hiring freeze this year and implement tighter clampdowns on spending policies.
BURGLARS are being forced to switch to car crime after a successful series of clampdowns by police.
There were high-profile advertising campaigns, Garda clampdowns and pleas from the safety experts to end the carnage.