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sudden punitive action

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sudden restriction on an activity

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The clampdown on trafficking at the Austrian border is likely to mean that migrants get stuck in Hungary, as without a valid visa and travel documents they cannot use trains or buses.
The mosque located in the centre of the square has already been renovated by the army after it was badly damaged during the 2013 clampdown.
The move is part of a clampdown on offensive chants they fear could spark trouble and the case will be passed on to the antiviolence committee.
The move comes after Redditch Borough Council struck a deal with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) to clampdown on the practice in Church Green, Market Place and Alcester Street.
Samit Aich, executive director of Greenpeace India, said, " This looks like yet another incident of what has become a systematic clampdown by the government on Greenpeace and its staff.
The evidence is still anecdotal, but it does look as if, despite the months available for preparation since April, a number of firms have, for one reason or another, failed to prepare for the radical changes inherent in the clampdown.
The latest clampdown is yet another self inflicted nail in the coffin of the once happy and vibrant Rhyl: high street businesses are bound to suffer.
I would be very interested to have a breakdown of the actual speeds the 283 motorists were doing when caught in the clampdown.
A regulatory clampdown to prevent banks and building societies pushing accounts which are not right for people came into force earlier this year, following fears that people were being sold add-ons which turn out to be useless to them - for example travel insurance which the customer is too old to qualify for.
However, he said he views the Gaza clampdown as part of an attempt by the Egyptian army to justify its continued campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Summary: The Abu Dhabi Police have stressed they would not relent in their clampdown on sorcerers as they closely follow up their activities to protect the community.
Summary: Prisoners are to be banned from watching violent and sexually explicit films as part of a clampdown on perks behind bars.
The municipality in the UAE capital has started a clampdown on bachelor accommodation to ensure rooms arenot overcrowded.
MORE than 150 vehicles were stopped and checked in a two-day clampdown on dangerous drivers and travelling criminals in Northumberland.
HM Revenue & Customs has announced a clampdown on tax breaks available to company shareholders when they close their company on a voluntary basis.