clamp down

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repress or suppress (something regarded as undesirable)

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Last month we announced the first stage of reforms with new national standards and we are now unveiling plans for legally-binding changes that will clamp down on bad practices.
Mr Reevell said: "I very much welcome the Government's initiative to clamp down on voting fraud.
A LATE-NIGHT call-out service which aims to clamp down on noise nuisance is being restarted by Hartlepool Council this weekend.
Summary: Thousands of gamers have been barred from playing Xbox Live by Microsoft in an attempt to clamp down on piracy.
The solution lies in an immediate clamp down in rogue sickies through putting checks and procedures in place which stamp out unnecessary sick days being taken.
FOOTBALL: Graham Poll has called for referees to be suspended if they fail to clamp down on the abuse they receive from players.
The municipality has said it will clamp down on people who spit in public by fining offenders in a bid to keep Dubai cleaner.
The idea is to clamp down on paid gatherers, so as to make the process less susceptible to professional campaigns, and thus more democratic.
A Birmingham pub company is scrapping happy hours and drinks promotions in a bid to clamp down on binge drinking.
11 security concerns will prompt more demand for his services, as regulators worldwide clamp down on suppliers over bio-terrorism fears.
In particular, last year's bill included several provisions to severely clamp down on the perceived abuse of non-qualified deferred compensation by effectively eliminating the often-used "rabbi trust" as a funding mechanism for such plans.
It is practical for someone who has to brush another's teeth and gums and works well for those who tend to clamp down, making access to the mouth difficult.
Indonesia's government is trying to end the violence, but does not seem to have the power to clamp down on Muslim extremist groups (Nat.
The authors' aim, detailed in the latter part of their book after their feverishly frenzied attack on humanism, is to harness conservative churches and pastors (a well-chosen simile) to a political movement to restrict abortion rights, reinstate public school prayer, get fundamentalist creationism into public school science classes, institute vouchers for sectarian and other private schools, clamp down on gays and lesbians, and impose religious tests for political office.
But critics argue there is little reason to clamp down on kids who hang posters on their lockers or wear politically provocative T-shirts.