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Synonyms for clamp

Synonyms for clamp

a device (generally used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together

fasten or fix with a clamp

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impose or inflict forcefully

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I must have been complaining about my trials at the time because my Rosemont shop buddy, Steve Hawley, said that they had some vacuum clamps that might work for what I was doing.
The big unknown has always been how the sliding clamp and the clamp loader interact and the timing of latching and unlatching of the clamp from the DNA," said Hedglin.
This solid-wood edging on plywood, for example, would have required a clamp every few inches.
Clamp type: Vertical, fully hydraulic Clamp-size range: 88 & 110 tons Injection unit: Hydraulic, reciprocating screw
Results from this test and data from various other sources indicate edge clamp provides a more stable process as compared to top clamp.
Another feature is labelling on the top and bottom of each clamp which enables installers to distinguish between clamps and eliminate time wasted in identifying diameters.
The outside clamp should face the halfshaft and the inside clamp should face away from the stabilizer bar.
The length of the bar determines the capacity of the clamp, which is the dimension of the largest object that can be accommodated between its clamping jaws.
Their clamp designs enable the rapid fabrication, delivery and installation of clamps to fit all pipeline sizes and pressure ratings.
The clamping components use standard round and square tubing, with single-piece split clamp connectors for sturdy construction as well as multi-part clamps that do not require tight tolerances.
A mold clamp sensor, temperature probe, and light signals constitute the intelligent safety system.
The apparatus includes a support surface, a cutting knife, an associated holding location on the support surface to receive the cutting knife, and a clamp member having a clamping surface to engage and hold at least one cutting knife in the associated holding location.
According to the production manager, an important advantage of magnetic clamping technology is, in addition to saving time, it makes it much easier for the operators to clamp the molds which can weigh up to 2.