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in manner that attracts attention

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The image of the piazza finds its logical fulfillment in the nudity of the figures: they carry this bareness of their own bodies with them into the piazza, clamorously discarding the commands of decency [ordine di pudore], the civil discipline of dress-codes.
Showing two male figures--musicians affiliated with the Black Monks of Mississippi--who anticipate the final and inevitable destruction of a traditional space of congregation by beating a menacing rhythm with detached wooden doors that they periodically lift and let clamorously fall in the rubble-strewn echo chamber that once served the spiritual needs of the urban poor, the installation must also be seen as a crying-out in rage for the preservation of rapidly disappearing social spaces within which communities can be formed and sustained.
Flocks of weary geese swept over the forest, dropping clamorously into the glades to rest and refresh themselves; and all the while, the cranes, throbbing high in the darkness overhead, gave out their dismal moan.
Jumblatt's Progressive Socialist Party has clamorously supported efforts to secure the release of the Lebanese hostages.
One of Renzi's opponents, the young, leftist political economist Stefano Fassina, clamorously resigned from a ministerial office after the primaries' fallout.
clamorously wing their way to streaming Okeanos, bringing the Pygmy men bloodshed and destruction.
This newest sample then activates the others already accumulated; they cascade, clamorously, to the right.
Truckling to Visconti tyrants one moment, clamorously asserting his political autonomy the next, the Petrarch revealed in this chapter is deeply conflicted, not to say hypocritical.
We were united by the common spirit of the recent exams, during which we all crowded around jovially by the doors of the classrooms, clamorously saluting each lucky individual.
For the "natural right" that was most clamorously invoked during the half century of revolution that began in 1776 was not the millennial privilege of dealing death to one's enemies, but of course the right to "private property" Property, not self-defense, was the central token of natural rights theory after Grotius, the quintessential object of philosophizing and fighting alike in this epoch.
Moreover, in this re-invention of the original sea epic, not only are Ahab's perceptions and disquisitions proven to be clamorously incorrect but, when he finally decides to throw everybody overboard for challenging his viewpoint, "the great male adventure story turns into a female friendship story" (Fee and Flick 1999: 135).
The people at KPF, almost to an unprecedented degree among their architectural contemporaries, are immune from hype and nonsense, from the irrepressible need to design clamorously iconic buildings that are hardly functional and that, ultimately, have little going for them other than the allure of a fast-fading contemporaneity.
As we've all overheard countless times in cashier lines, on the street and other places we're stuck with each other, people are conveying inane messages most of the time, and putting them clamorously into strangers' ears without a second thought.
good As aught the song records of Robin Hood; Or Roy, renowned through many a Scottish dell; But some (who brook those hackneyed themes full well, Nor heat, at Tam o'Shanter's name, their blood) Waxed wroth, and with foul claws, a harpy brood, On Bard and Hero clamorously fell.
It looks as though the anthropologist had been advertising his goods, often rather clamorously, in a market in which there was little demandfor them (Mair en Sillitoe, 2006: 7).