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Synonyms for clamoring

loud and persistent outcry from many people

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And away went Polly as if a dozen eager pupils were clamoring for her presence.
clamoring was for the unwholesome viands of the general market and the
Whilst Chandos had been conversing with the two knights a continuous stream of suitors had been ushered in, adventurers seeking to sell their swords and merchants clamoring over some grievance, a ship detained for the carriage of troops, or a tun of sweet wine which had the bottom knocked out by a troop of thirsty archers.
Then arose the throaty rumble I had heard before, and a dozen men were on their feet clamoring for recognition from Colonel Van Gilbert.
As for the dozen men who were clamoring for the floor, half of them began speaking at once.
More than 15,000 volunteers and 95,000 donors nationwide are clamoring for Dr.
Talking to media before Senate's Monday session outside Parliament House he said that dialogue with Taliban was a good move, but regretted undue and illogical clamoring by certain opposition parties, which were clamoring with accusations about deliberate delaying tactics by government.
We must never repeat the horror of Saigon, where we left thousands of Vietnamese clamoring at our embassy gate as the last helicopter departed.
We initiated fundraising for our unique strategy at a time when institutional investors were clamoring for higher return opportunities in a market that had become intensely competitive.
Pushing Ultimates is "must" reading for dedicated students of philosophy, metaphysics, and those dedicated to the seeking self-enlightenment in a clamoring and all-to-superficial world.
My daughters are clamoring for Double Chocolate Almond Explosion Cookies and Creamy Raspberry Oatmeal.
By including DivX capability in a variety of different DVD devices, LG Electronics is proving their commitment to creating and distributing products that meet the needs of the millions of users all over the world who are clamoring for products that support DivX video playback," said Bill Holmes, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at DivX, Inc.
The business leaders, civic activists and union bosses who backed Mayor James Hahn and his daily attacks on Villaraigosa's honesty and integrity are now clamoring to get in the mayor-elect's good graces.
The story opens when the legendary beauty is a marriageable 12-year-old, with suitors already clamoring for her hand, and relates her subsequent kidnapping by Theseus of Athens, then her passionless arranged marriage to Menelaus, which results in the birth of a daughter.
With the rock fans clamoring for the ordination of Elvis, the African Anglicans mulling over whether to send missionaries to England, an Australian ex-bishop at the center of a sex abuse scandal, Episcopal Bishop John Spong preaching that everything in the church is so much clap-trap, and the Canadian church hierarchy agonizing over whether there's enough room on the head of the Anglican pin for both straights and gays, there's so much bedlam going on that no one seems to notice that thousands of confused Anglicans are looking for a new pew in which to pray.