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Synonyms for clamour

Synonyms for clamour

loud and persistent outcry from many people

utter or proclaim insistently and noisily

make loud demands


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But of late, while he was staying in Moscow after his wife's confinement, with nothing to do, the question that clamored for solution had more and more often, more and more insistently, haunted Levin's mind.
Tulliver, who accompanied her, the conviction that the dear child had good reasons for crying; implying that if it was supposed to be the rattle that baby clamored for, she was a misunderstood baby.
Since the city debuted the 50-50 sidewalk repair program, residents have clamored to sign up.
Hundreds of photographers clamored for the attention of the stars.
According to the company, some employees have clamored for dropping the difficult-to-pronounce "Kymmene" for as long as customers and suppliers have stumbled over it.
If the public and media had been allowed the access they clamored for, the mummy would have deteriorated quickly and early guesses would have become established as fact (some did).
Money was no obstacle as companies clamored for high-priced help.
And even if a Jewish mob had been there outside Pilate's house (which is unlikely) and clamored for Jesus' crucifixion (which is unthinkable), it is truly beyond belief that Pilate would have given in to them.
Grape juice lovers clamored to know if their drink also contains resveratrol.