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Synonyms for clammy

Synonyms for clammy

unpleasantly cool and humid


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If an individual feels sweaty and clammy, is short of breath, and is experiencing pain in the chest or upper body, they should seek medical care immediately.
Symptoms may include high temperature, extreme tiredness, violent shivering and chills, faintness, pale and clammy skin, and rapid and shallow breathing.
Symptoms of exposure to the drug include respiratory depression or arrest, drowsiness, disorientation, sedation, pinpoint pupils and clammy skin.
Cold and clammy ones, damp and smooth, Dry and warty ones, pebbly and grooved.
So much so that we are now put off going into our garden for fear of getting covered in bites For our own benefit and to try to solve the problem we did a bit of research and it does seem they particularly like the clammy, damp and warm weather we have been getting recently.
These beauties are perfect for tackling hot clammy days in the city, or even wearing of an evening on your hols.
The clammy hand of history tightened its grip when my parents, who themselves carry the guilt of second generation survivors, visited me here in Italy.
The stale air, clammy with old sweat, is enough to make you heave, while the joyless expressions of the treadmilled masses takes you straight to the gulag" - Writer Rowan Pelling.
They not only keep you from feeling clammy and sweaty but also hold their shape really well after repeated washings, and they resist snagging.
If you experience any signs of pulmonary embolism--sudden shortness of breath, chest pain, clammy skin, an irregular heartbeat, excessive sweating, wheezing, or coughing--seek emergency medical attention.
But times have changed - as have women who will no longer put up with blokes sticking their clammy hands where they're not wanted.
Wipe clammy hands first--he recommends Botox injections to stop perspiring in severe cases.
First-time helmer Nate Taylor, working from an adroit script by Peter Moore Smith, skillfully evokes a clammy sense of dread in this suspenseful indie about a photographer obsessed with shifting his focus from past and present unpleasantness.
The patient, known only as 'Resident A', had vomited, had a very weak pulse and appeared clammy and floppy, a panel at the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.
It guaranteed an audience of very nervous people, slowly turning the pages with clammy hands.