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Synonyms for clammy

Synonyms for clammy

unpleasantly cool and humid


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We had just gone down below for a moment to commune in a battened- down cabin, with a large white chart lying limp and damp upon a cold and clammy table under the light of a smoky lamp.
At the same time my forehead seemed bathed in a clammy vapor, and the peculiar smell of decayed fungus arose to my nostrils.
We dropped from ten to six thousand and got rid of our clammy suits.
A new smell filled his nostrils; wet and clammy chills ran down his back, and he was helplessly full of salt water.
Her countenance, a natural carnation slightly embrowned by the season, had deepened its tinge with the beating of the rain-drops; and her hair, which the pressure of the cows' flanks had, as usual, caused to tumble down from its fastenings and stray beyond the curtain of her calico bonnet, was made clammy by the moisture, till it hardly was better than seaweed.
I could not have slept over a quarter of an hour when I was suddenly awakened by the passing of some cold and clammy thing across my forehead.
She was mystified; but when she saw the printed words beneath her signature, she felt a cold, clammy chill run up her spine.
Why was his brow clammy with drops of moisture, his knees shaking beneath him, and his soul oppressed with a cold gloom?
for mercy's sake," cried the prince, pressing his icy hands upon his clammy brow, "do not play with me
When Ralph Denham entered the room and saw Katharine seated with her back to him, he was conscious of a change in the grade of the atmosphere such as a traveler meets with sometimes upon the roads, particularly after sunset, when, without warning, he runs from clammy chill to a hoard of unspent warmth in which the sweetness of hay and beanfield is cherished, as if the sun still shone although the moon is up.
The water rose to the girl's knees, and still she advanced, chained by that clammy eye.
He shivered as might one upon whose brow death has already laid his clammy finger.
He paused after each forward step to listen and when he was almost at the door of the ghost-haunted chamber, his heart stood still within his breast and the cold sweat broke from the clammy skin of his forehead, for from within there came to his affrighted ears the sound of muffled breathing.
Every moment the soft, damp heat grew more intense and clammy.
Wet weather was the worst; the cold, damp, clammy wet, that wrapped him up like a moist great-coat--the only kind of great-coat Toby owned, or could have added to his comfort by dispensing with.