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Eventually if somebody does okay then there's this clammer for it," said O'Neill.
Garden Village lost ground in their clammer for promotion, going down 1-0 at home to Troedyrhiw, for whom Brent Hewitt scored from the penalty spot four minutes before half time.
It's not often I agree with Mr Angry (he seems to clammer for an old Etonian age), but he is right about the 48-hour debacle.
Clammer, a Member of KKR, said, "Our investment in Flextronics' software development and solutions business is an outstanding opportunity to create value in a high-growth sector.
John Clammer, Sylvie Poirier, and Eric Schwimmer, eds.
Historic No 1: The industry is likely to celebrate the 1,000th number one and encourage stars to clammer for the top spot that week, said Kevin Hughes, presenter of Radio Wales' official chart show.
Remarking on the state's concern about this potential unruliness, John Clammer states, "Youth are liminal, even dangerous in Singapore (especially minority youth) and as such must be heavily socialized through an over-heavy educational curriculum that creates little time for play or relaxation, collective socialisation for [majority] males through military service, gender socialisation for girls through the spread of Confucian values, and the controlled encouragement of pietistic and non-socially critical forms of religion which are thought to encourage `correct' values such as honesty, hard work and submission to the political authorities.
There are still those who would clammer for standing at grounds - but then there are still those who think wearing seatbelts in cars shouldn't be compulsory.
We are delighted he will be joining KKR as an Industry Advisor, providing strategic and operating guidance in a fast moving high-tech landscape," Adam Clammer, a Member of KKR and Head of the Firm's technology team, said.
In 1843, the missionaries settled on the dialect of politically ascendant Bau Island as the tongue in which the Fijian Bible would be produced, but their Bauan was riddled with terms from eastern dialects of Fiji as well as terms unnecessarily introduced from English and phonologically shifted, such as 'parataisi' for 'paradise' and 'parofita' for 'prophet' (see Clammer 1976: 40, 48-50; Schutz 1985, 2004).
Among the general clammer their question could not be heard.
Clammer, John, Sylvie Poirier, and Eric Schwimmer (eds.
This is a vital clash for Wales' qualification ambitions and the Group Nine game at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday, March 29 is a 70,000-plus sell-out as footie-mad fans clammer to see more of Sparky's Boys in action.
KKR Nominees, Adam Clammer and Herald Chen, Join Kodak Board