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Synonyms for clamber

Synonyms for clamber

to move or climb hurriedly, especially on all fours


Synonyms for clamber

an awkward climb

Related Words

climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling

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Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment unit up-stream from the pilot r & d in biorefinery plant project for clamber.
Sir Alan's secret was out after one contestant saw him "do a little jump" to clamber on to his high-chair.
Kids could clamber up a rock-climbing wall, get up close with butterflies and other insects in the Bug House, have their faces painted, crawl through a giant crocodile, learn about small animals and reptiles and meet stars of the Animal Planet television network, including Jeff Corwin of ``Corwin's Quest.
Wild roses clamber up tulip poplars and pink roses grow around a hollow stump.
Getting down low and shooting up at him as he patiently waits for tourists to clamber aboard, I was able to turn the driver into a virtual silhouette by shooting him against the overcast sky, making this portrait a more symbolic image.
Stunned ground staff saw the man clamber onto the British Airways 747 bound for San Francisco.
Although their English was usually as limited as our Vietnamese, they would clamber over each other to play with us, sing songs or simply smile, laugh and touch.
Escorted by police and Port Authority personnel, the visitor must clamber over and through dusty temporary bracing and climb up well-worn wooden planking to get from one level to another.
Contract notice: Providing ancillary services to the pilot r & d to clamber biorefinery plant project, castilla-la mancha region bio economy, financed with feder funds.
Amazingly, he managed to clamber almost a mile over rocks and ended up at the RNLI lifeboat station, where he was looked after until police arrived.
CHARITY rowers who videoed a dramatic crash landing in the Irish Sea last night spoke of their amazement at seeing the pilot clamber from the wreckage.
Despite suffering a dislocated left shoulder, the man was able to clamber out of the pen where help was summoned.
IF you still resort to using a chair as a step or even clamber on to your worktops to reach top shelves, then you're an accident waiting to happen.
It consists of two giant linked conservatories (biomes) which clamber up the crags on the northern side of the pit.
Vertebrates did not clamber onto land until 60 or 70 million years later.