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Synonyms for clamant

conspicuously and offensively loud

demanding attention

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Aussi soudainement nue que manquante, comme devisagee et brutalement la, sans autre visage que cet amas de gue-nilles textuelles, a ses pieds, clamant sa nudite, clamant son insupportable nudite de chose, appelant sa visibilite, sa divinite, son existence.
Porte initialement par le President Chavez puis par son successeur actuel Nicolas Maduro, le neobolivarisme venezuelien reste dans la phase actuelle l'ultime avatar de ces mouvements contestataires qui ont fait flores a l'echelle regionale en clamant leur opposition au modele de domination etats-unien (Dubesset 2008c).
Although I do not dismiss outright the concept of a claim for ancillary relief based on mentorship I would have thought that save in the most clamant case (which I am having difficulty in imagining) it would be hard to establish and in any event would require clear evidence of cause and effect.
COURT'S OPINION: The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania affirmed the decision of the Board finding the clamant was guilty of wilful misconduct.
II 14, 6 (digna perire) and 40 (et clamant 'merito' qui modo cumque uident; cf.
This lesbian literary representation has thus offered a corrective to more clamant activist and academic claims for the uncommodified purity of lesbianism; and, also writing somewhat against the grain of these claims, numerous lesbian critics have traced the complexities of the representation of the lesbian bar, not only in fiction but also in cinema (Barale, Hamer, Hankin, Jay, King).
Mais l'on pourrait citer tout aussi bien la mere du veritable coupable, mort entre-temps, qui aidera a faire eclater la verite par son temoignage, le chef de la prison, dont on sent l'hesitation face a un condamne clamant jusqu'au bout son innocence, ou encore la propre femme de Beechum, qui ne doute a aucun instant de son mari.
A prima facie case of entitlement to No-Fault compensation is made out where the evidence proves that a clamant submitted proof of claim to an insurer and that the billed amount was not paid within 30 days.
Criterio mit alors fin a ses critiques voilees et publia une lettre de l'episcopat argentin clamant que le gouvernement persecutait injustement l'Eglise catholique (60).
On the contrary, they are determined to prevent Turnbull and MacIan from agitating the truly clamant questions concerning God and man and the world.
Of the new Isherwood, he argues that "he turned into an almost excessively clamant Gay Liberationist in the seventies partly from guilty hostility towards his own earlier concealments and unoutspokenness"(1988: 153).
If kama [love] as sexual feeling is not humanized, it is bestial and blind, clamant and chaotic, and becomes a deadly vice.
Par consequent, la plupart des experts ethno-folkloristes se sont engages dans le marketing des traditions, pratique surtout par les villageois eux-memes, tout en clamant les uns et les autres a haute voix leur fidelite a l'authenticite paysanne.
For blood, brown in mouth firment, taste of metal run along clamant.
Only later in the discovery process might the clamant learn that there is no insurance.