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Synonyms for clamant

conspicuously and offensively loud

demanding attention

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Criterio mit alors fin a ses critiques voilees et publia une lettre de l'episcopat argentin clamant que le gouvernement persecutait injustement l'Eglise catholique (60).
On the contrary, they are determined to prevent Turnbull and MacIan from agitating the truly clamant questions concerning God and man and the world.
If kama [love] as sexual feeling is not humanized, it is bestial and blind, clamant and chaotic, and becomes a deadly vice.
For blood, brown in mouth firment, taste of metal run along clamant.
A l'arrivee de Levine pour sa premiere journee de travail comme patron de l'Hopital d'Ottawa, le 17 juin 1998, "environ 250 manifestants bruyants" l'accueillent par des "injures et attaques personnelles," reclamant sa tete et brandissant des affiches clamant "La democratie est bafouee, dictateurs" ou "Je refuse d'embrasser le derriere d'un separatiste" (La Presse 17 juin, B1).
Behind it one hears "the shrill and clamant voice of English radicalism, thrilling with self-accusatory and joyful lamentation.
Tune into present-day nationalist discourse in Belfast or Derry and you hear played out once again the old clamant soundtrack of Romantic Ireland, the old ancestral myth of origin, a spiritual heroics (allied now with a military heroics) expressive of the Hegelian notion of an inner essence or spirit which has lent itself to and become the justification for nothing less than a declaration of war.
For one of the most clamant certainties undercut in Oates's "Cold War" fiction pertains to the essentializing of subjectivity in what Elaine Tyler May tags the culture of "containment" and "cold war consensus" (xxiv, xxv).
which has joint patents on the technology with Clamant.
84) In rebus minimis commoventur et clamant, in maximis negligenter agunt et Tacent.
One would have thought, also, that generations of experience of the curse of Wet Time would have ingrained in all building workers such a loathing of it that the demand for the Scheme would not merely have been unanimous but clamant, vociferous.
One of these more complex problems may be seen as the clamant need for higher academic achievements that make greater demands, both on educators (parents and teachers) and learners (Grobler, Myburgh & Kok, 1998:1).
So it is that successive Governments have presided over a system providing much less than was desired, believed to be 'cast in stone' in the euphoria of the late 1940s, with few fundamental changes since those heady days, whatever the evidence, and the clamant need for change.