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Synonyms for clairvoyant

Synonyms for clairvoyant

someone who has the power of clairvoyance

Related Words

perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses

foreseeing the future

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That is, the participant could know clairvoyantly which numbers to calculate to discover which card would later be selected and the n psychically look at the appropriate place in the deck of cards.
But put four wheels off the track a second time and you are yanked for the day," he says, looking sternly, and clairvoyantly, at me.
It was during Dave's second visit that he sensed, clairvoyantly, that the spirit wanted to communicate.
14) Unless Pound is clairvoyantly anticipating Ehot's "word within a word, unable to speak for words" (shut up Henry Reed), (15) this word or image is the interaction of two words or two kinds of verbal organization and it is only through this interaction that any configuration of non-verbal phenomena will take place.
Supreme Court majority has determined clairvoyantly that it was the intent of the Founding Fathers to include corporations in the definition of "person" and "people," it is time to reconsider the mechanism of our free, open and democratic elections.
Aristotle is thus depicted as not only remembering the facts of Socrates' trial and execution that he read or learnt from his mentor, Plato, but also, as subject of Rembrandt's painting, clairvoyantly conversant with the latter's finances.
Ben Jonson once observed clairvoyantly that the glorious visual, aural, and kinetic aspects of a masque were akin to the mortal body--that is, "momentarie" and prone to being "utterly forgotten"--whereas the poet's voice, in the form of a preservable text, was comparable to the immortal soul (p.
he introduction is perfect with the three sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne introducing themselves then clairvoyantly addressing heir successes that we recognise today, highlighting their most famous work and the impacts they have made.
6) Bezzel clairvoyantly sensed a development in his church that demanded from him very soon a discerning pastoral word against liberal theology.
Her husband in the spirit world is spending a great deal of time around his wife, especially around the time of an anniversary, and has momentarily sent a visual message to her which she has viewed clairvoyantly.
Terry explains: "We each take an A4 pad, go into a trance by relaxing, then let the information flow clairvoyantly.
I use the cards as a focus for my clairvoyance and to confirm what I am seeing and feeling clairvoyantly.