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Synonyms for clairvoyant

Synonyms for clairvoyant

someone who has the power of clairvoyance

Related Words

perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses

foreseeing the future

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I had other psychic experiences over the years and in my 20s I decided to go into business as a clairvoyant.
Alice Hancox was terrified when she received letters from different clairvoyants making dark predictions.
CRYSTAL CLEAR: Clairvoyant Susan Mock, who visits the Benn Hall in March.
But during the months leading up to publication of the book, he regularly used a blind clairvoyant and psychic counsellor.
Hotels have guides to local restaurants, taxi firms and other facilities so why not a guide to a local clairvoyant, too?
Rolling Stone hailed How To Become Clairvoyant - his first release in over a decade - as "Robertson's Grand Return.
Only a few weeks ago Kerry saw a clairvoyant who said she wouldn't stay in the house.
When he was facing the gun charge he went to see a clairvoyant and was told he would be spending some time away from his family.
She says she has always been aware she is clairvoyant and is a member of one of the most famous of clairvoyant families.
The former pop star, aged 59, told The Sun newspaper she contacted the London clairvoyant because she wanted reassurance she was doing the "right thing" from her husband Bobby Willis, who died of cancer two years ago.
A CLAIRVOYANT sent letters to a man predicting great health and happiness - four years after his death.
It has been nearly 30 years since he first portrayed the nearsighted, clairvoyant Radar O'Reilly, but former ``MASH'' star Gary Burghoff says he realizes that to some people he'll always be Radar.
The rest of the time she attends clairvoyant fairs, private parties, charity fund-raising events and personal readings, often in London.
MtM") (NASDAQ: MTMC), a leading provider of computer network management, consulting, engineering, and support services announced that it has signed a authorized integrator agreement with Clairvoyant Software to distribute their financial based network capacity forecasting application, ForeCast Manager(TM) as part of their overall set of network management solutions.
April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The deluxe edition of Robbie Robertson's How To Become Clairvoyant (429 Records/Macro-Biotic Records) is available now exclusively at Best Buy stores and www.