claims adjuster

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one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement

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Take photographs of damaged property for the claims adjuster before any clean-up is done.
Using one of several software products on the market, some claims adjusters are taking a more objective approach to determining general damage awards.
Obviously, disasters are rare and being a claims adjuster doesn't always mean 12-hour days under adverse conditions.
The insurer has yet another tool, a Web application called I-Case Manager, that allows a claims adjuster to ask questions of one of the four medical directors on Liberty Mutual's staff.
I was told by the claims adjuster that I could not get reimbursed for my tuition because the employer already accommodated me and I am pursuing the degree on my own.
Without communication between the claims adjuster and local Republic Services people, our staff didn't always know all the details of a claim and what the adjuster was doing behind the scenes.
If damage is widespread, the company may set up special procedures and send extra personnel and claims adjusters.
During settlement negotiations in a personal injury case, avoid sending information to the assigned claims adjuster in bits and pieces.
In the event of a claim, the claims adjuster will automatically check if your asset values meet the policy limits.
He did, however, have a day job as claims adjuster at the well-financed California State Automobile Association in Santa Rosa.
In most instances, a claims adjuster will visit your camp to investigate, if preliminary information shows potential for liability.
Warnings and cautions are pointed out to the claims adjuster reader stating that proper methods and procedures must be followed.
Through ContentsExpress, carriers can apply coverage settings and controls that will automatically be applied to each claim filed by claims adjuster staff, including policy rules and limits, coverage settings, payment tracking and depreciation tables.
The man who began his insurance career as a claims adjuster more than two decades ago and who now is in line to take the helm as chief executive officer of Farmers Group Inc.