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minute free-swimming freshwater copepod having a large median eye and pear-shaped body and long antennae used in swimming

minute freshwater crustacean having a round body enclosed in a transparent shell

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altiparanae with 6 to 39 days on protozoa, rotifers, cladocerans, ostracods, Chironomidae immature and algae (unicellular and filamentous diatoms) in tanks with Eichhornia crassipes or Lemna sp.
For example, the combination of competition, predation, and temperature are important in structuring predaceous cladoceran dynamics in Lake Michigan (Cavaletto et al.
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Abstract Larval snakehead Channa striatus were fed with three cladocerans (Ceriodaphnia cornuta, Moina micrura and Daphnia carinata) and Artemia nauplii at the rate (500 Ind.
The cladoceran Daphnia carinata (Class: Crustacea, Order: Cladocera) popularly known as water flea is a preferable food item for many freshwater larval fishes.
A population dynamics analysis of the cladoceran disappearance from Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada.
salt-front location), and concentrations of larval prey, specifically the calanoid copepod Eurytemora affinis and the cladoceran Bosmina longirostris, were important indicators of larval fish abundance.
a cladoceran Bosmina longirostris, an Oligotrich protozoan, and the midge larva Chaoborus americanus.
Fulton & Paerl (1988) observed in their study that a rotifer's (Brachionus calyciflorus) ability to handle a non-toxic strain of Microcystis aeruginosa was superior to that of a cladoceran (Daphnia ambigua).