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a system of biological taxonomy based on the quantitative analysis of comparative data and used to reconstruct cladograms summarizing the (assumed) phylogenetic relations and evolutionary history of groups of organisms

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Thus, to establish the cladistic content of any matrix one might need to
In addition, recent taxonomic revisions and cladistic analyses have discussed palpal homologies in theridiids and many related spider families (e.
Phylogenetic relationships of Lecythidaceac: A cladistic analysis using rbcL sequence and morphological data.
There is one way to learn exactly the extent of its homogeneity and, if it is less uniform than appears, also to discover the filiations among the newly discovered branches within the pool of witnesses: analysis of the variants of the witnesses with cladistics software.
He has served as editor for a number of scientific journals, including Systematic Zoology (1977-1979), the Journal of the New York Entomological Society (1983-1989), and Cladistics (1990-1993).
4) Phylogenetic systematics or cladistics studies how species or other groups are related and maps this relatedness in "phylogenetic trees," gradually unveiling the whole "tree of life.
Scientists use cladistics to rank and group organisms according to characteristics shared with a common ancestor.
He revealed that his research team used a modern approach to evolutionary biology called cladistics, which utilizes genetic information in combination with a variety of other data to evaluate biological relationships that emerge over the ages, for their study.
These questions bear substantial similarities to the analogous questions that have been asked about the relationships between different species in the science of cladistics.
Lycett's team examined chimp traditions using cladistics, a technique previously employed to identify branching evolutionary relationships among fossil organisms, spoken languages, and even ancient stone arrowheads.
A background to the field of Systematic Botany is given, including a brief discussion of cladistics, an analytical method used to analyse the evolution of groups.
In the suggestive new language being created for evolutionary cladistics, the purported link between Cage and Antin, despite their superficial resemblances, is only convergence: bats and birds both fly, but they descend from different clades, different lineages.
Appendix 6, "Taxonomy, classification, and the debate about Cladistics" is the best description for students and laymen of Cladistics and of the conflict between Cladistics and traditional classification that this reviewer has seen.
Lepidoptery in Johnson and Coates's brilliant and lucid book unfolds as a history involving extraordinarily interesting people--the Hungarian Zsolt Balint's troubles with European museum nabobs resembles a Nabokovian short story--as well as many adjustments of scientific theories over the past twenty-five years: continental drift, cladistics, and the evolutionary branching of species.