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We showed that an MVA-based H5 (A/Vietnam/1194/2004) vaccine can elicit cross-clade antibodies against the newly emerging HPAI (H5N8) virus that is genetically and antigenically distinct from the clade 1 H5N1 virus A/Vietnam/1194/2004.
1, 2) include: (1) the Phaenostictus clade; (2) the Pithys clade; (3) the Willisornis clade; (4) the Phlegopsis clade that includes three subclades: (4a) the erythroptera clade; (4b) the borbae clade; and (4c) the nigromaculata clade; and (5) the Gymnopithys/Rhegmatorhina clade that also include three subclades: (5a) the rufigula clade containing Gymnopithys leucaspis and G.
Yet, in our analysis the monophyly of clade b had no bremer support, whereas clade A had bootstrap (51%) and Bremer supports (2).
The first included all taxa in the Apioideae-Saniculoideae clade with 53 terminals.
2011) from several lineages of Cyprinella are consistent with the hypothesis that the mtDNA clade in the Frio and Sabinal rivers represents the ancestral mtDNA of C.
Southern Clade 2 is also supported by radula morphological differences, indicating that it is likely a distinct species.
This clade is diagnosed on presence of an ejaculatory bulb and pump of the male genital tract, and lack of an embryonic egg-burster, but females are also characterized by a well-developed ovipositor, even though this is probably a plesiomorphic state and has been achieved independently in the gerrid subfamily Rhagadotarsinae (Damgaard, 2008b).
gentili specimens analysed grouped together in a clade containing specimens collected in the centre of the species' known range.
The antibody came from a person infected with a specific clade of HIV-1.
Using this approach, we identified a clade containing the cave salamander, the long-tailed salamander (E.
The researchers found, however, that clade A Symbiodinium has complementary mechanisms for surviving in its coral hosts during periods of warmer-than-normal water temperatures and intense late-summer sun.
Species of this clade in the Atlantic rainforest of southern Brazil and mountain ranges of northern Venezuela and Trinidad show marked phylogeographical structure with up to 8% mtDNA divergence, possibly indicating allopatric speciation.
Each clade entry comments on previous hypotheses and provides an anatomical drawing of a representative member.
Clade A was mainly divided into three minor clades (C, D and E), each of which with more than 78% bootstrap value.
The trial will also determine if this vaccine, which is based on clade B HIV, has the potential to protect against the clade C virus, the subtype prevalent in South Africa.