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a protective covering that protects the outside of a building

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They started removing cladding last year and should be finished later on next year.
A source has told the Examiner an issue has been identified relating to the air-gap and insulation behind parts of the cladding on the 10-storey block that has 168 flats.
Liberty revealed its Plaza student halls are covered in the cladding after a Chronicle investigation into Newcastle's tower blocks.
Pendleton Together and the council has now jointly announced an agreement, which will signal the start of a replacement cladding system and the installation of sprinkler systems in each block.
In response to the Taskforces findings, the Government has directed the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to inspect more worksites and buildings, including a statewide audit of residential buildings likely to have combustible cladding.
I'd why it used at given One hospital said it had taken no action because the cladding only went to the first floor of the building.
The manufacturer knew the cladding was combustible and did not make it a secret.
The Daily Post reported last month that the fire service was unsure what version of cladding they had used on the building and whether it was fire retardant or not.
rise flats priority, we are " Elsewhere, Redcar and Cleveland Council is undertaking a review of all its properties and schools to check cladding complies with Government requirements.
It is thought that the cladding fitted around Grenfell could have accelerated the spread of the blaze and contributed to the deaths of many of those inside.
THE Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) has written to football clubs across the country to ask them to check on any external cladding their stadium may have following the Grenfell Tower disaster.
The Three-Wheeled Tractor offers a smaller size for improved flexibility in SAW applications; the 30-90 mm external cladding head optimizes feeding of cladding strip for improved weld quality in SAW and electro-slag cladding applications.
Considering the problem of nuclear energy safety, we come to the problem of nuclear fuel cladding tightness because there are continuing pressures to improve fuel cycle economics and safety in increasingly challenging PWR/VVER operating environments, while fuel cladding is a very important safety barrier when operating nuclear reactors.
BIRMINGHAM City Council is to carry out cladding fire safety checks on ALL of its tower blocks following the Grenfell tower tragedy.