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Synonyms for clabber

raw milk that has soured and thickened

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turn into curds


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Eating an Iraqi diet of clabbered milk and stewed tomatoes, dipping out of the same bowls with his captors, sometimes sleeping among them on thin mats on stone floors, he found cultural traits such as tight-knit extended families that he believes America has sadly lost.
At the Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station, specialties such as fromage blanc (tangy, soft, and spreadable) and fresh clabbered cottage cheese are made from organic milk.
Whisk the clabbered milk until smooth, then whisk it into about a quart of skimmed raw milk.
Mom just let the milk get clabbered, but you can use yogurt starter or a kefir culture.
We buy only scratch feed for them, supplementing their diet with kitchen and meat scraps, clabbered milk, cull vegetables, mangel beets, sunflower seeds, grass clippings, etc.