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Synonyms for clabber

raw milk that has soured and thickened

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turn into curds


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Langham says developing a simple visual solution and listening to Clabber Girl's needs were the keys to getting its business.
You satisfied that what you want, Shug say, cool as clabber.
The "new synthetic substance" crystallizes and "polypeptide[s]" are "denatured"; "Gemlike projects keep forming deep inside/Our mine"; "the clabber of rapids/Under the bridge reanimate[s], refigure[s]/The inert shadows we cast"; "Innumerable [.
Dam of this one is Fineza, who is a half-sister to top-class filly Clabber Girl (Alydar) and has also produced Grade 2 winner Golden Gear (Gulch), both of whose sires are, like Fusaichi Pegasus, from the Raise A Native line.
22) Prices were obtained for similar-sized packages, as follows: Calumet (seven-ounce box), Clabber Girl (ten-ounce box), and Rumford (ten-ounce box).
Thus far, the plan of cross-promoting baking pans and baking ingredients has gained Doughmakers the support of Clabber Girl Baking Powder and Fleischmann's Yeast, said Wagnon.
His family had been successful in business--Hulman & Company, incorporated in 1850, began as a dry-goods wholesaling company carrying such products as Clabber Girl baking powder.
The disintegration of the Clabber Girl Baking Powder lady in Sula's dream prefigures the disintegration of the black community more generally.
At Spago, the cakes are served with milk chocolate black currant tea-infused ice cream and clabber whipped cream - and vanilla sauce on the bottom of the plate with a chocolate piped design, noted Yard.
53) Then she added, "I remember granny giving me clabber milk when I was sick.
Successful virtualization implementations include Clabber Girl, the City of Terre Haute, Morgan County Schools, Mays Chemical and GEO Foundation.
The Park West project affects two streams, Wilson Springs and Clabber Creek, wetlands and possibly the Arkansas darter fish, a candidate for the U.
And of Ogo, the Dogon trickster: "You clabber the milk, mother the beer, wart the hand, trip the runner, burn the roast, lame the goat, blister the heel, pip the hen, crack the cistern, botch the millet, scald the baby, sour the stew, knock stars from the sky, and all for fun, all for fun" (86).
His diction is direct and clear and his poems are filled with concrete details that ring true and familiar, "green clabber I scumming puddles alongside the train, / then brickyards banked on body shops, / homeless trackside nappers under trees,/ ditchwater where shopping carts come to drink.
Yet on Saturday, Samuel, who has swapped Trinidad's golden beaches for Scotland's mud and clabber, danced around lunging defenders to produce a first half master-class and kill off John Brownlie's basement boys.