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Synonyms for civilize

Synonyms for civilize

to fit for companionship with others, especially in attitude or manners

Synonyms for civilize

teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment

raise from a barbaric to a civilized state


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Regardless of whether he was wearing the hat of the civilizer or that of the missionary, Lacombe was genuinely concerned for the welfare of the Indians and he attempted to improve their material wellbeing.
325 (1995); Martti Koskenniemi, The Gentle Civilizer of Nations 514 (2001) (international law as a discipline "implies a commitment to a mild
Poetry is not a civilizer, rather the reverse, for great poetry appeals to the most primitive instincts.
Examples of inculturation include modification of worship practice (African tribal dance, American rock n' roll), Jesus depicted with indigenous features or values (Chinese peasant, blond Aryan, Jesus as feudal lord, Jesus as therapist), and shifting theology (Christianity as colonial civilizer, Christianity as anti-colonial resistance).
But what this deployment of the rhetoric of civilization, turned against the civilizer themselves, accomplishes is very little by way of exposing the relations of power and racism, as Kincaid ironically discloses in the following passage:
Placing Diego de San Pedro's novel within the context of Renaissance debates on the function and character of the orator and the uses of rhetoric, Maureen Ihrie (1999) interpreted the novel as a treatise setting the Humanists' Ciceronian conception of the virtuous orator, civilizer of his audience, against the Scholastics' ignoble conception of the orator and their reliance on unexamined authority and subtle, abstract reasoning.
With other themes, like Orpheus the civilizer, Henry II's entry image was transformed into the messianic emperor of the entire world.
Adhering to another powerful myth of frontier society, that of the white woman as civilizer, it is her role to tame Mara's primitive sexual desires and bring him back into the civilizing realm of white colonial culture.
Though he makes many allies on a Mars teeming with a variety of alien races, his journals often read like dispatches from a colonial outpost or excerpts from an action-packed, ether-fueled draft of Will Percy's Lanterns on the Levee, the chronicles of an ostensibly heroic civilizer trying to understand the (literally in this case) alien Other and approving only of those values that seem most human--i.
Fardan lived and died a revolutionary, she is as much a civilizer as that most familiar stereotype of civilizing woman in the West: the schoolteacher.
The distinguished Finnish international lawyer Martti Koskenniemi has entitled his latest book, on the rise and fall of international law, The Gentle Civilizer of Nations, (27) a phrase taken from George Keunan.
Scudder was in full agreement with Anderson that the Western missionary must be an evangelizer rather than a civilizer.
Like the African American writer William Wells Brown, who in his 1881 My Southern Home urged blacks to increase their "contact with educated and enterprising whites" (294) because "amalgamation is the great civilizer of the races of men" (293), Douglass argued that blacks' commitment to racial mixing should proceed not from a sense of racial inferiority but rather from a prideful conviction of racial equality.