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Synonyms for civility

Synonyms for civility

a courteous act or courteous acts that contribute to smoothness and ease in dealings and social relationships

Synonyms for civility

formal or perfunctory politeness


the act of showing regard for others

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In a 2013 workplace study, titled Civility in America, researchers found that of those surveyed, "26 [percent] have quit a job because it was an uncivil workplace.
The 42 Voluntary Bar Associations participating in the Joint Civility Project include Palm Beach County Bar; Dade County Bar; Martin County Bar; South Palm Beach County Bar; Broward County Bar; Cuban American Bar Association; Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar; F.
Civility is an awareness of being polite and it involves all those little sacrifices you make in living life respectfully with other humans.
Participation in the intervention changed students' attitudes and behavior regarding civility.
This month we seek and honor the meaning of true civility and kindness and rise as a community of Women on the Verge," says founder and member Ana Lewis about the topic of the month.
In its second year, the Civility Prize again will honor individuals who are passionate advocates in our political debate, yet still - over time or in a singularly important moment - demonstrated meaningful civility and respect for opposing individuals or viewpoints.
Simply, civility entails treating others with respect; practicing good manners; and considering the feelings of other persons, their positions, and their situations.
Mazzarella's point is well taken - when it involves a public servant, civility is not just a nice idea, but part of the job.
That historical fact alone underscores the gravity of the court's decision to include in our oath a pledge of fairness, civility, and integrity.
Civility is a reflection of our core professional value of the dignity and worth of every individual regardless of social status or circumstances.
Civility is based on the idea that we should take into account the interests of others.
Columnist Ellen Goodman after having a planned lecture on civility at St.
In part, the resolution states, "The National League of Cities reaffirms the principle of civility as a foundation for democracy and calls on local leaders to promote and model civil public discourse, setting an example for others in resolving differences constructively and without disparagement of others.
Towles, who has degrees in English from Yale and Stanford, wrote Rules of Civility within a year.
A new report out this week has found that, contrary to popular belief, civility in this country has not declined and in recent years may have actually improved.