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the social process whereby societies achieve an advanced stage of development and organization


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a society in an advanced state of social development (e.g., with complex legal and political and religious organizations)

the quality of excellence in thought and manners and taste

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This museum is not only about Hinduism which has been narrowly understood as the religion, but about a great civilisation, Sindhu-Saraswati Civilisation, that is known as Shin-tuh by Chinese travellers, Indies/Indus/Indo by Westerners, and Hindu by Persians and Arab.
The research being done on Indus valley civilisation presently in many foreign universities is not moving in right direction as actual fact is being distorted ruthlessly.
Summary: It helps understand how other people think and binds successive civilisations, says expert at Arab Media Forum
Dr Al Turky conducted a presentation on more evidence found in Iraq proving the prominence of Bahrain and the Dilmun Civilisation last night at the Bahrain History and Archaeology Society in Juffair.
In 2008, Al Mahmoud stated, Qatar established Doha International Centre for Interfaith Dialogue to raise peaceful coexistence between cultures and created the Qatar Committee for Alliance of Civilisations to highlight contributions of Arab and Islamic civilisation to other civilisations.
The research team visited Peshawar from June 4 until July 2, 2013 and mapped the famous Kashmir Smast site besides studying its early civilisation, prehistory and reconstruction of the palaeo-environment there, said a press release received here on Thursday.
There are journals devoted almost entirely to new discoveries in this field: Journal for the History of Arabic Science (Aleppo), Suhayl-Journal for the History of the Exact and Natural Sciences in Islamic Civilisation (Barcelona), Arabic Science and Philosophy (Cambridge), Zeitschrift fur Geschichte der arabisch-islamischen Wissenschaften (Frankfurt), SCIAMVS-Sources and Commentaries in Exact Sciences (Kyoto), and now Islam & Science.
As Darwin claims, "The grade of their civilisation seems to be a most important element in the success of competing nations .
Original text: Civilisation ou barbarie, Anthropologie sans complaisance (Paris, 1982), p.
The strongest links can only be built between countries from the same civilisation.
22) For instance, in an 1855 article entitled "De l'influence de la civilisation sur le suicide," Alexandre Brierre de Boismont, editor of the Annales medico-psychologiques, cited the works of his New and Old World colleagues to support his contention that modernity underlay an increase in the number of suicides: "The time in which we live is not only wrought by ennui, this sickness of advanced civilizations," but also by "a universal confusion of ideas, a general weariness, the complete disillusionment with everything we have praised and adored.
The National Records and Archives Authority (NR) will organise during September 2-4 an international symposium on History of Islamic Civilisation in East Africa to be held in Zanzibar, Republic of Tanzania.
The first lecture, presented by Nozad Abdulrahman al Hiti, an expert at the Qatari Committee for the Alliance of Civilization, discussed the emergence of the alliance of civilisations and the most important areas and applications that are being implemented in the international committees of the alliance of civilisations.
There are two new major alien civilisations with their own artificial intelligence engines in this update, plus a huge new campaign called ``The Altarian prophecy'' that explores the history of one of the major alien civilisations.
He defined the museum's purpose as 'propager la connaissance des civilisations de I'Orient'.