civilian dress

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ordinary clothing as distinguished from uniforms, work clothes, clerical garb, etc

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The general acquiescence in the style of fighting favored by Hamas and other armed groups--fighting in civilian dress, launching rockets from civilian locations, storing munitions in hospitals, and so on--has the extraordinarily problematic result of encouraging such behavior both by failing to condemn it and by misstating the legal responsibility of state forces who respond.
Young and good looking Mr Koshi was in civilian dress and carrying my wife's fakello (file) under his arm.
Stepping on board with a media pass, I found plenty of other people in civilian dress.
The dance will be held at the Coventry Colliery Social Club, in Bennetts Road, Keresley, on November 30, and the couple want as many people as possible to turn up in British or allied uniforms, Land Girl garb or period civilian dress.
It soon became evident that the enemy was on the move in civilian dress, and incredibly hard to pin down.
This civil police force, although largely recruited from army veterans, was not only not armed but also dressed in a very plain uniform based on conventional civilian dress.
In North America some priests, especially on academic campuses, have adopted civilian dress as a deliberate policy to express the belief that the ministerial priesthood is not really different from the priesthood of the faithful.
Mixing civilian dress and military togs is, of course, verboten by any good sergeant major.
On a spring Tuesday at noon, two officers in civilian dress, both assigned to investigative work, responded to an address to search for a robbery and burglary suspect.
A small-boy unit has now been formed,'' he said, ``and are the most dangerous, roaming the streets in civilian dress.
Fitzsimons said he was driving down the main street when a man in civilian dress blocked his path, reached out and grabbed the keys from the ignition.
Himeidti appeared in civilian dress a few numbers larger that his size guarded by an associate who made sure his pistol was on display.
Foreign Office Spokesperson in a statement issued here Tuesday said, "It is with deep disappointment that we have seen the allegations by senior Afghan officials regarding Pakistani troops in civilian dress conducting attacks in areas of Kunar Province.
It's against the law in our town to take pictures without the permission of the town council," said a stern, middle-aged woman in civilian dress who suddenly appeared.
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