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(law) any wrongdoing for which an action for damages may be brought

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The civil wrongs theory builds on the recognition that tort liability is premised on wrongdoing but not necessarily risk, harm, or fault.
She said the action would attempt to prove that a civil wrong had been done to the man, whose former partner had since remarried and moved to the north east since they split.
He will argue there was inadequate consultation over the regulations and that it was wrong to make serving beef on the bone a criminal instead of a civil wrong.
The fact is, the government of Canada broke the law or committed a civil wrong then, and it is the same government of Canada that exists today.
Consider this principle in the context of trospass, a civil wrong based on the assumption that a property owner has the right to control who enters his or her territory.
A tort is a civil wrong, other than breach of contract, for which a court awards damages.
And we must be determined to see it enforced, because a civil right without enforcement is a civil wrong.
We must also distinguish bonafide errors of judgment from graft and corruption, civil wrong from criminal intent and the need to have swift and effective sanctions against corruption from the imperative of protecting the innocent, he added.
Davey applied for name suppression on the grounds of a serious risk of adverse consequences to his family, a risk to his own health and the imposition of a "criminal stigma: despite the finding only being a civil wrong doing".
He added: "Those who committed the civil wrong against Mr Rush, as a result of which he lost his wife, were members of the Real IRA who carried out the Omagh bombing.
He explained: "My role is very varied, from helping to right civil wrong on the front line, working with members of the public and representing their interests in court, to the development and growth of our civil practice and dedicated team of professional staff.
But in order to make what would otherwise be a civil wrong into a criminal act, gross negligence has to be proved.
A tort is a "private or civil wrong or injury, other than breach of contract, for which the court will provide a remedy in the form of an action for damages.
Conversion against Michael Aguirre, the City, City Council Defendants, and City Official Defendants; ("Conversion" is defined as: a civil wrong, in which one converts another's property to his/her own use, which is a fancy way of saying "steals.
Any such call would be considered a civil wrong and punishable under law; punishment could include financial penalties and withdrawal of state benefits.