civil war

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a war between factions in the same country

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Though I was a mere child during the preparation for the Civil War and during the war itself, I now recall the many late-at-night whispered discussions that I heard my mother and the other slaves on the plantation indulge in.
His importance lay rather in being the last of a race which had totally perished, she added in a completely drawing-room tone, "in our Civil War.
Thus two opposite parties were formed; and so fierce were the dissensions that it was feared the consequence would be civil war and bloodshed.
A Portuguese of average intelligence inquired if our civil war was over.
If Shays had not been a DESPERATE DEBTOR, it is much to be doubted whether Massachusetts would have been plunged into a civil war.
As I heard that and saw the ugly attitude of the men of Helium toward the soldiers of Zat Arras, I knew that only a miracle could avert a clash that would end in civil war.
He was a mild, flurried old man, a Civil War veteran, with one sleeve hanging empty.
Lucan noteth well the state of Rome before the Civil War,
I could remember how it was in the time of our great civil war in the nineteenth cen- tury.
At the close of the Civil War I found myself possessed of several hundred thousand dollars
s half-filled snuff-box, -- scarcely had this occurred when Marseilles began, in spite of the authorities, to rekindle the flames of civil war, always smouldering in the south, and it required but little to excite the populace to acts of far greater violence than the shouts and insults with which they assailed the royalists whenever they ventured abroad.
One reason for this was that in England it was a time of foreign and of civil war.
his father, confided to him, and keep the gold which may assist in carrying on the civil war.
Sometimes, ascending hills, when the winded horse breathed hard from his red nostrils, and heaved his flanks, the captain, left to more freedom of thought, reflected on the prodigious genius of Aramis, a genius of acumen and intrigue, a match to which the Fronde and the civil war had produced but twice.
During the Civil War his father made guns in the city of Cambridge, where young John Joseph was born; and afterwards he made bells for church steeples.