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The meeting reviewed aspects and ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the development of cooperation , joint action and exchange of expertise and experiences in the areas of Human Resource and the development of the civil service projects that occupies the forefront of both the countries leaders directives .
The meeting discussed a proposal from the Ministry of Civil Service in the Sultanate to honor a number of administrative outstanding professionals in the GCC civil service field who have tangible contribution to the comprehensive development witnessed by the GCC countries over the past years.
She added that she has briefed the FVP on the workers Accountability Act of the year 2007 and the treatments which have been entered on the discipline in the civil service, as well as the efforts for the counting of the workers in the states.
Marriott affirmed the importance of correcting the civil service condition and ending the double dippers, stressing the UK readiness to provide the necessary aid to develop civil service in Yemen.
The signing of the agreement, the former Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs of Kazakhstan Alikhan Baimenov said the agenda of civil service reforms is determined by governments based on their internal priorities.
The agreement, signed by Saudi Minister of Civil Service Abdulrahman Bin Abdullah Al-Barrak and Director of Jordan's Civil Service Bureau, aims to boost cooperation between the two sides in the fields of administrative development and civil service.
The 19th preparatory meeting for GCC Civil Service and Human Resources Under-Secretaries will be held on September 29.
Like any big organisation, the success of the civil service depends on its staff.
Summary: Libya participates in the events of the first Arab Conference of Civil Services which was held in Amman last week in 15-16 of May.
When his department received the OK to hire the new officers, it had to restrict its choices to lists provided by the Civil Service unit.
3, Stevens serves as the state's first statutorily required civil service commissioner who is a military veteran.
KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday said civil service would improve as a result of the reforms initiated under the Management Capacity Programme (MCP).
cIVIL SErVIcE II 4 BALLYNAHINcH II 4 AMATEUr LEAgUE 3D The Swifts travelled to the Civil Service Sports Ground at Stormont on Saturday for their first league game of the season.
Historically, variable payments were made to approximately 75% of Senior Civil Service members inWales.
Since fiscal year 2006, nearly 18 percent of the Department's Civil Service employees have received a promotion annually, and fiscal year 2010 was no exception.
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