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a leader of the political movement dedicated to securing equal opportunity for members of minority groups

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What happened was threatening letters left on the synagogue's lawn, phone calls from gentile friends warning against cooperation with the civil rights workers and visits to their shops from black preachers demanding that blacks be hired as sales clerks.
What most people do not know about Rosa Parks is that she was a trained civil rights worker who knew the significance of staying in her front seat and not giving it up to a white man.
He became the first white civil rights worker to be permanently based outside of the capital of Jackson.
I was a civil rights worker, an outside agitator to those who resisted our work.
Founder member bassist Dr Das, a former music technology teacher, civil rights worker DJ Pandit G, guitarist Chandrasonic and fellow colleagues will star between 9pm and 3am.
So, Claiborne Paul Ellis became a civil rights worker, devoted to ending segregation.
A spoken text quoted Fannie Lou Hamer, a black civil rights worker who was arrested in 1962 when she tried to register to vote and was beaten for protesting the rules that kept blacks out of the polls.
Barney McGuigan was shouting at the young Civil Rights worker about someone being shot.
The London Met's most senior Asian officer has investigated a complaint by a black civil rights worker that he was harassed by police.
Lynch, other USW officials serving on the board of directors are Maxine Carter, assistant to USW President Leo Gerard; Mary Moore, a civil rights worker, and Sam Thomas, a collective bargaining worker.
One local lawyer who undertook to defend a civil rights worker was visited at home by a couple of whites who showed him an affidavit signed by an eleven-year-old white boy claiming the lawyer had raped him.
Ellis Sherwood was fighting his own battles with totally unfounded allegations being made about him and a civil rights worker who was helping him.
We really need to come together and recognize that our common enemy is evil,'' said Woodson, who worked as a civil rights worker in the South in the 1960s and later for an anti-poverty agency.
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