civil rights activist

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a leader of the political movement dedicated to securing equal opportunity for members of minority groups

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The event featured performances by civil rights activist and hip-hop legend Talib Kweli, BBC Radio 6 Music's Funk and Soul guru Craig Charles and Liverpool band The Christians, alongside reggae stars Aswad and Gil's protege Malik and The O.
He was also an early civil rights activist whose closeness to the Communist Party forced him into self-exile from his native land.
And he called civil rights activist King "Martha" in a speech at Baltimore, Maryland.
Retired social worker and longtime civil rights activist Peggy Wood presents Something Must Be Done: One Black Woman's Story, a memoir of her life from being born into the pre-World War I American middle class, a group that a small yet significant number of black Americans had joined, to her years of learning at Alabama's Tuskegee Institute and the Atlanta School of Social Work, to thirty years of campaigning for civil rights.
Indeed, each of the 52 chapters could successfully stand alone as brilliantly presented short stories as the boys meet fictionalized versions of a series of memorable characters ranging from civil rights activist James Meredith to Nobel Prize winning author William Faulkner.
But as historian Barbara Ransby wrote in a superb column for our affiliate, the Progressive Media Project, "Coretta Scott was a civil rights activist years before she met King.
An accomplished poet and storyteller, Logan is also a budding civil rights activist, demanding that his family spend a day of reflection on Martin Luther King Jr.
The trope that Bush doesn't give a damn if black people die was repeated by Moore, rapper Kanye West, self-styled civil rights activist Al Sharpton, and others.
1969: Civil rights activist James Forman marches into a service at the mostly white Riverside Church in New York City and begins reading his "Black Manifesto.
It profiles Chinese-Canadian civil rights activist Jean Lumb who tells her brave story of her lifelong fight, from the 1930s through to the present, to be recognized as a Canadian, not only for herself but for her people.
Davis for a program featuring a blend of musical performances, dramatic readings, and archival footage, are Emmy recipient, and civil rights activist Ruby Dee; World War II decorated combat veteran, and actor Charles Durning; film, theater and television actor Joe Mantegna; World War II veteran and Emmy award-winning television actor and film star Tony Randall.
Plaintiffs in the case include Pedreira, three members of the clergy and a civil rights activist.
Officers from West Midlands Police have been asked to investigate the latest arrest of a civil rights activist who has been stopped 38 times by police in eight years.
A devoted Quaker and civil rights activist, he was welcomed most in his later life by the Jewish and labor communities.
An internationally respected poet, writer, civil rights activist and educator, Dr.