civil rights activist

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a leader of the political movement dedicated to securing equal opportunity for members of minority groups

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Thirty-one years ago, the then chart-topping revolutionary artist, poet and civil rights activist Gil ScottHeron played Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre with The Amnesia Express.
This book is a peek into the extraordinary life of a native boy, Wassaja, who experienced incredible hardships in his early youth to become a physician, professor, publisher, and civil rights activist for his people.
On March 24, Akamai services will deliver a State of the Union Webcast address from Legendary Civil Rights Activist and Humanitarian Dick Gregory.
Dafoe has made a name for himself working with some of the most critically acclaimed directors in the world: with his turn as `Caravaggio' in Anthony Minghella's "The English Patient"; his starring role in "The Last Temptation of Christ" for director Martin Scorsese; his memorable turn in David Lynch's "Wild at Heart"; his performance in Wim Wenders' "Far Away, So Close"; and his role as a civil rights activist in Alan Parker's "Mississippi Burning.
A niece of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.
Among its 35,000 alumni are prominent national figures including civil rights activist Jesse L.
Julian Bond: A civil rights activist who fought for the rights of the misrepresented and also protested against the Vietnam War.
Jacobs of Kol Tikvah for bringing Jews and African-Americans closer together earlier this month during a joint service honoring King and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, a civil rights activist.
This first full-length biography of the minister, civil rights activist, and congressman presents Powell as a mirror of what has been termed "the American Dilemma" that discrepancy between what white America preaches about the rights of human beings and what it practices vis-a-vis black America.
Daley; singer and civil rights activist Mahalia Jackson; leaders in Catholic charitable and social justice organizations, such as Msgr.
Jacobs attracted Jackson's attention with his efforts to create new bonds between Jewish and African-American congregations, particularly a special joint service honoring King and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, a civil rights activist, that was held Jan.
s first black attorney and ardent civil rights activist is not just another panegyric to the movement in general, nor is it merely ode to the famous 1965 march across Edmund Pettus Bridge in particular.
Daisy Gatson Bates was a noted civil rights activist who was best known for leading the fight to integrate Little Rock's Central High School in 1957.
He runs through a series of short-term lovers before going off in the '60s to teach at the all-black Texas Southern University, where he flirts temporarily with becoming an academic civil rights activist.
Julian Bond, longtime civil rights activist and recently appointed chairman of the NAACP