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Moreover, many Afro-American veterans felt more confident and were more willing to join the civil rights fight.
Goldberg, program manager and special counsel, of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and Gather.
This is a big lesson in a recent study conducted by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund, which was founded in 1969 as an arm of the Civil Rights Coalition.
representative John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, called Bush's push for the antigay amendment "an irrational and radical step that seeks to undermine the civil rights of our citizen.
State advisory committees produce reports and recommendations concerning statewide or local civil rights issues, including justice, voting, discrimination, housing and education.
Rosa Parks: The Movement Organizes by Kai Friese--part of a nine-volume series, The History of the Civil Rights Movement, edited by Eldom Morris (Silver Burdett), 1990
While we all know that it is illegal to discriminate of the basis on race, religion or national origin, we often forget the breadth of our civil rights protections.
I was a civil rights worker, an outside agitator to those who resisted our work.
Edited by Horace Huntley and David Montgomery, the volume is the first in a projected series of books, each containing transcripts of interviews conducted by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute's Oral History Project with former civil rights activists who belonged to the city's industrial workforce.
Immigrants and people with disabilities have drawn on the tactics, philosophy and spiritual basis of the modern Civil Rights Movement--including King's 1966 Chicago campaign, known as the Chicago Freedom Movement--to make Chicago a national hub for activism for their respective communities.
Will the civil rights movement still be inclusive of gays and lesbians now that it has lost its gay-friendliest voice?
Passionately devoted to civil rights, she was destined to make history after meeting Martin Luther King Jr.
The color blind emphasis (or attempts to erase the color line) which characterizes the overall multiracial movement in some ways seems a setback to the civil rights movement and in other ways may be seen as helping the ideals of the civil rights movement come to fruition.
Just as the civil rights leader arrived to set up camp, Daley announced that the city's workers would raze a thousand slum buildings in six months, and pour far more money into anti-poverty programs in the city's ghettos.
24, civil rights activists and historians sought to define the legacy of the soft-spoken woman dubbed the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.