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the form of government of a social organization


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Arguably, the legalization of same-sex "marriages" is not in the same league as the horrific and barbaric state-sanctioned killing of unborn children, but it does constitute, as the Vatican has pointed out, a grave threat to the civil order.
The most important task for Japanese police is to restore civil order through conducting accurate analysis and sharing information with local authorities, the chief of the National Police Agency (NPA) said Tuesday.
But such is the hassle of seeking a civil order to have these chancers removed, most business people just coughed up and were glad to see the back of them.
Studies of hypothetical scenarios document the complexity of managing bioterrorist incidents and the stress that control of such incidents would impose on civil order.
Civil order still relies heavily on the presence of 25,000 Russian troops, who also guard the border with Afghanistan).
The "why" has to do with the political chaos that followed Luther's initial break with Rome: the iconoclasm after the Diet of Worms (1521), the Zwickau prophets (1521-1522) who claimed a direct revelation from God, and the Peasants' revolt (1525), which threatened civil order.
Goedert, who became a bishop in 1991, once wrote: "Having a voice in the selection of bishops will not guarantee, any more than it does in the civil order, that the best men will always be chosen.
My Government is going to act with decisiveness and courage in the building of a civil order in which we all feel that we are participants and are represented," Portillo said;
He theorized nervously that only religion could maintain civil order.
The land competition fuels vicious animosity between Hutus and Tutsis, and the collapse of civil order has made the country incapable of dealing with its underlying scarcity and population problems.
Then, by developing effective response plans, agencies can reduce the likelihood of minor disturbances evolving into widespread violent assaults on civil order.
1 million construction project supporting the Afghanistan National Civil Order Police.
He had been informed that the civil order was being sought but hadn't understood all the terms.
The Royal Mail secured a civil order to ensure that the dog was fenced in and kept secure.
It said the offensive involved members of the Special Police Unit, Civil Order Police (COP) and Afghan National Army (ANA) and border police personnel.