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the form of government of a social organization


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Muscat: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said conferred Oman Civil Order 'Third Class' on Salim bin Said Al Wahibi, Chairman of Oman Football Association (OFA) and First Class Order on Pim Verbeek, Manager of Oman Football Team in appreciation for their efforts during the 23rd Gulf Cup in Kuwait,which were crowned by winning the 23rd Gulf Cup.
Although his decision greatly complicated the postwar situation and was a clear violation of direct orders, there is no question that he viewed maintaining civil order as an implied task of the utmost military importance, and Allenby supported his decision.
Registrants might also use travel to avoid the 'management' arrangements of sex offender registers, civil orders, probation supervision and similar policies and procedures and they might also be trying to avoid the domestic pre-employment screening of certain occupations that would prevent them from working with--and thereby possibly abusing--children (Thomas, 2013).
All communities need to work with the police, assisting in civil order, but can only do so within a trusting relationship on both sides.
After achieving better success in the military operation in the Eastern Pakistan, the then GoC approached the General Abdullah Niazi that 'it was time to restore civil order and to start political process.
Zafarkhel said 244 policemen, including border, national and civil order personnel, had received graduation certificates.
My GOC approached General Niazi, that "it was time to restore the civil order and to start the political process".
Zawaq says the officers who died were members of the elite Afghan National Civil Order Police the so-called ANCOPs who get special training from NATO forces.
Zawaq says the officers who died were members of the elite Afghan National Civil Order Police - the so-called ANCOPs who get special training from NATO forces.
I urge all parties to cease hostilities immediately, to show restraint and to contribute to the reestablishment of civil order, especially to prevent looting," she said in a statement.
The militants conducted a coordinated suicide attack against border police and neighbouring civil order police compounds locating near the intersection of Dehmazang in western Kabul Monday morning," a police official who declined to be named told Xinhua.
A Crasbo is a civil order which is designed to protect the public from anti-social behaviour and encourage communities to become actively involved in reporting crime and anti-social behaviour
However, we should be clear that these are the people who engaged in criminal acts which put civilians' lives at risk and sought to bring about the collapse of civil order.
Of interest to students of twentieth-century Canadian history and issues surrounding the development and enforcement of civil order, this volume on crime and civic response to crime in Halifax, Nova Scotia between 1918 and 1935 examines the development of modern police, court, and penal systems in this Canadian city.
While the police fill in for security at the Olympics I wonder how near to civil order collapse we are.